Power cable question.

I am going to upgrade the power cable on my Jolida 502A amp and am not sure the way to go. The PS audio Lab II cable gets lots of positive press but the price tag is stunning. I have also read about the Asylum Power Cable and really like the price. The question is this: Is there $400 dollars discernable difference between the two cables? Which would you choose or do you have a better suggestion?
Thanks in advance
PS: I am thinking about an Ultimate Outlet also, are these worth the money?
I have, admittedly, little experience with power cords. However, I have purchased 2 Volex power cords for a total of $35 (eg $17.50 ea) and found them to be well made, well shielded and sonically neutral. These are the cords that people replace the connectors with to make the asylum cords. You should be able to find them at allied electronics or at other electronics supply dealers.
Like most things in audio, the biggest bang for the buck begins by moving above minimum quality. In this case the stock cord is the minimum quality.

Almost any of the power cords discussed and sold at Audiogon will help your sound. As for money, you can spend as little or as much as you can stand.

The Jolida is a fine unit, but since it retails for about $1100.00, that extra $400.00 is a fairly high investment. I would start with used, maybe a Purist or Cardas.

I just took a look at classified here at Audiogon and saw a Cardas Hexlink power cord for $75.00. If this or another similarly priced (used) cord does not suit you, your likely to be able to resell for very little or no loss.
Some good inexpensive, but much higher performing alternatives would be (in no special order) Virtual Dynamics (cryo'd versions), Tek-Line Audio, Absolute, Mr. Cable (made by Tek-line, sold direct), and the Audio Magic X-Stream. All of these cables are under $100 (some are $50 to $70), but will clearly outperform stock cords by a large margin.
The best power cords I have ever used were the ones I made using recipes I found on Audioasylum. The cost is relatively low, about $50. The sonic improvement is huge. I had other cords which have all been replaced because the home made were so much better. The removal of grain and bass improvement is obvious. The only real investment on your part is the time.
Purist makes great cable and so does cardas. I have both in my system now.
The PS Audio stuff makes a noticable improvement. I like all their power stuff. If you can, get some power ports and run a dedicated line or two for you system. I thought it was snake oil, but the power stuff really works!!!
The Asylum cords have worked well in my dedicated headphone system (see www.diycable.com for kits and assembled versions). Either these or used cords here on Audiogon should have a positive effect (tighter bass and cleaner highs). I use Silver Audio Power Burst cords in my main system only because they were the first I tried and I was happy with them. I have also been happy with the Ultimate Outlet (blacker background around music). Having a dedicated UO for digital equipment and another UO for the rest is yet another jump in clarity that PS Audio recommends and that for me was worth the cost.
Nobody has mentioned JPS Labs Power AC. I like it a lot and there are some favourable reviews at Soundstage also.
I found that the Harmonic Tech AC-11 sounded completely different in my system than the JPS Labs. All the power cables do have a different character. I tried the 15amp (stock) cord that came with the PS Audio P300 on my amp, and it improved the bass tremendously but, it was sour in the treble. So I don't think it's true that just any cheap cord will automagically give you a perfectly satisfying sound, unfortunately you still have to find the right one just like with other wires.
I've tried the stock cords, hospital grade cords, a $1000 retail cord and a power 2 from virtual dynamics. I was very impressed with the virtual dynamics. It gave a much more realistic sound. Available at a discount from list price and with a trial period of 60 days. Their power 3 is also available for $75 in a cryo version (what some people charge for the cryo procedure) and also with a trial period. I would recommend these are a must listen. Before this power cord I did not realize how much difference a power cord could make.
Shop around some more...I've tried a bunch of power cords, and they most definitely make a big difference. If you can find a reasonably priced JPS AC power (even older vintage) I would try that...they are great cables. Lots of other good options on Audiogon though.
The PS Audio Lab cable is well worth the price IMHO, based on what it did both for my system and my friend's.

He has a Cary V12 and it just made an incredbile improvement. I have a PS Audio HCA-2 amp which draws very little juice, so I bought the Mini-Lab cable thinking that would be the ultimate upgrade. I was wrong. When I borrowed my friend's Lab Cable, it was a big improvement for my amp too. So now I'm a believer.

I should mention that he and I tried some of the cheaper "value" cables and homemade cables (by stores) and none of them measured up to the PS Audio products. Some were very truly awful. It may be tough to pay that much for a (Lab) cable, but it will deliver goods.
My .02. I tried the PS Audio Lab and mini-lab cables and find the Pure Note Sigma PC to be the winner. It is an all silver/Teflon cord: Smooth mids and highs, and solid bass. The connectors are also excellent (Wattgate). I paid $250.
Aftermarket cords do not necessarily produce better sound than OEM, which is strong evidence of their utter system and component dependency. Do you think your amp would be able to take advantage of the more expensive cable, assuming the quality of sound it can provide is simply increased, compared to the opportunity cost of other upgrades? How much do reviews of cords w/ non-Jolida amps tell you? The easiest way is to experiment yourself. There is buy/sell used, and fatwyre.com :

See the cable shootout in Bound for Sound two issues back. quite a few cords compared. TG Audio cord won for most applications - line-level. Around $400.
Do a search on this site under power cables for an ad titled "Custom Made TPC-REFERENCE Power Cord-6 Ft" This is an outstanding power cable.
I have used NBS Statement, Custom Power Top Gun HCFI and Siltech Ruby Hill but changed with Burmester 2.5 Power Cord for all the front end. It may not be better but I could not hear the difference between all of them and that means it is better because it cost much less.

However, the best is probably the Custom Power Top Gun HCFI for the amp and preamp. Nothing beats it so far.
I have yet to find a power cord that sound better than the cord that came with my McCormack DNA-2 deluxe.