Power cable "Break in" question

I have an integrated amp on order and expect delivery around the end of October. I decided to go ahead and purchase a good power cord. Considering I had to sell my existing amp to finance the new order, I'm left with nothing.
My question is; Can I simply plug the new power cord into the wall to register some break in time?
No, you need to plug into a source that draws AC. Then the current draw will burn-in the PC. Find a source that you can run continuously such as a computer and turn off the sleep mode.
Like Lowrider57 said. It has to be connected to a load.

If you buy one of these you could connect it to your refrigerator. The new power cord needs to be at least 14 gauge wire though.
If you can find a IEC to AC power adapter, you can plug into a high current appliance like a refrigerator or air conditioner. It would burn-in much faster; you really need high current similar to your amp.

I like to plug in multiple devices. A refrigerator demands higher current but only runs sporadically. A lamp draws continuously like an amp operating (but without fluctuation) or on standby. I make no guarantee that my method is beneficial. It is just what I do.

I have a "Y" version of the device Jea48 recommended. It allows me to plug in two power loads but a power strip or other outlet-multiplying adapter would work just as well. By using multiple adapters I have daisy-chained multiple power cords together to break in more than one at a time.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy your new amp.
Wow! It's definite example of peak enthusiasm -- Getting aftermarket power cord before the amp arrives and make sure it's 'cooked'.
You can also connect it to DeWalt battery charger so it always will be under the small current going through.
Since I generally buy a lot of new gear at once, I just let all the gear burn in at the same time. At the moment, I am burning in my new Vitus SCD-025Mk2, Jorma Statement sc's & Gigawatt power conditioner. I also have the option of using my Isotek Full system enhancer cd to accelerate the run in process, though I generally prefer to play normal music and let the natural process take it's course.
Try a portable fan of good size,,...they draw respectable amounts of current constantly and you can vary the speed between low, medium and high (assuming fan provides it) to increase or decrease the current draw at various points in time.....if you want to increase draw drammatically for short periods of time to break up the regimen, switch it to a vacuum clean of full-size and clean the house at the same time :-), you'll need an extension cord as well so the extension goes to the wall and the PC is the cord connected closest to the vacuum.
Don't worry at all. When you get your new equipment, plug in the new power cord with the new equipment, and in a month or so, both the cord and the new equipment will have broken in. Actually, its quite interesting to hear how the sound changes. Don't drive yourself nuts.
What fun is it, if you don't drive yourself a little crazy researching, figuring things out and trying to create the very best sound you can achieve and still keep your wife from leaving.
Tape it to the hood of your car and drive around the nieghborhood honking your horn. That will make it sound better. Trust Me....
Hey don't forget to post video on youtube under
"Breaking In Power Cord without Amp".