Power Conditioner Cables

Upgrading the power cord for my DAC, which plugs into a power conditioner, then realized the conditioner itself
is using just its own original stock rubber cord (which is, however, replaceable). Seems there would be no point unless I first upgrade the power conditioner cord. Never occurred to me before because, apart from the DAC, the only source components using the conditioner lack replaceable power cords of their own.

Funny I don't recall ever reading about upgrading the power cords on conditioners. Bet there are many here who know something about this .  .  .
I'm not the most experienced audiophile, but from what I've learned in this type of a situation the cord from the conditioner to the wall is the most important. Next would be amp then other components (i.e. sac). I had exceptional results for low buy-in with the Audioquest NRG-Y3. Eventually moved up to the Blizzard (which is crazy good), but felt the price to performance ratio of the NRG-Y3 was exceptional.
What power conditioner are you using?
And yes, installing a high quality aftermarket PC on a conditioner should make a very audible improvement.

The gauge of the cable depends on the type and size of the power conditioner and the components being used.

lowrider57, using a Quattro Premier with replaceable PC for digital preamp, phono preamp, DAC, and CD. (Tube line stage and power amp plug straight into PS Audio wall outlets, while TT, laptop, FM tuner, cassette player and record cleaner, all with fixed PCs, use a Furman strip also having fixed PC).

Now I learn the Quattro is actually a POS and I am better advised to  replace that piece first. So maybe my question should have been what's the best bargain power conditioner on the market!
Its funny, because in the time it took to write the post, to say nothing of reading replies, you could have just plugged the darn thing in and figured this out yourself. Which you should do. What you will find, the power cord gives almost exactly the same effect no matter where it goes. The main difference being if used from the conditioner to the DAC then only the DAC gets the benefit. But if used from the wall to the conditioner then everything plugged into the conditioner gets the benefit. 

But its not like, five things plugged in so five times as good. Its just usually a little better this way. Usually, because power cords are all over the place and sometimes one might work especially good on one component and not so good on another. This is one way you can tell if a power cord really is good, or is just pretending. The really good ones sound virtually identical no matter what they're used on. No matter what the system either for that matter. Go and listen. You will see.
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OP, I don’t see a Quattro Premier listed on Google, who is the manufacturer? I’d like to know the type of conditioning you’re using and desire as replacement; eg, active, passive, power strip with filtering.

Miller, thanks, that makes sense and I will now try the cord intended for DAC on the conditioner itself.
Steakster, thanks for the link, hadn't come across it before & will have a read.
lowrider, sorry, as twoleftears says, it is Pangea. I had forgotten this as the top only says Quattro Premier. 
twoleftears, budget would be <$750. If there is nothing especially good in that range, I will just tough it out for now with a better wall connection.

The ability to hear material benefit from power cord changes is highly dependent on how resolving your system is.  
millercarbon speaks wisdom here

always recognize when you have a zero cost trial to help you decide right in front of you

but we are all prone to sitting on our asses listening to tunes and typing, rather than get up off the couch and swapping something and trying to hear a difference LOL
There may also be the possibility when placing your aftermarket cord on conditioner only results in very slight improvement, then additionally adding AM cord on DAC as well can complete the large improvement. Experimentation is the key. Good luck.
Appreciate the advice from all and will play around until I find the most pleasing setup. Makes sense that if system is sufficiently resolving, which I believe it to be, upgrading to AM cords on all amenable components/conditioners would be the optimal solution.
millercarbon speaks wisdom here

always recognize when you have a zero cost trial to help you decide right in front of you

but we are all prone to sitting on our asses listening to tunes and typing, rather than get up off the couch and swapping something and trying to hear a difference LOL

Ain't it the truth. Its freaking amazing how much stuff I learned just by going and doing and listening and hearing. 

One time comparing power cords I went back and forth and noticed the one that had first been in didn't sound as good when it went back in. Then while listening trying to figure out what had happened within a few minutes it sounded just fine again. Hmmm. What if.... and fortunately this was before the interweb so instead of asking a bunch of random people I had to figure it out all by myself. And so now I know that all you have to do to make a cable sound bad is unplug it, wiggle it around, and plug it back in. It will be a few minutes stabilizing again. 

Or elevating. How could cable elevators possibly do anything or be worth anything? Type type type opinion opinion counterfactual fact opinion.... or wait a minute! I've got books and cups and glasses and wood and all kinds of stuff perfectly capable of elevating a cable up off the floor.  

On and on. Examples are endless. Go and listen. You will see.
The Brickwall power conditioner/surge protector is an affordable highly effective unit if you want to move up from the Pangea. Lowers the noise floor, I used it for all sources and a small amp. My high current amp sounded better plugged into the wall.


lowrider, sounds like a great bargain if it does all that for such a reasonable price. Like you, I run high current amps straight into the wall. This would be for source devices. Thanks for tip!
'Thuvens' comes to mind..
Very good...I believe it is from Norway...but you can get it here...
Never heard of it but will have a look.
Might be cool having some Norwegian gear in one's system ;-)