Power Cord

I hear people talking about these cords and I am not sure
of what they mean. Is this the plug-in wire from the
back of my CDP to the electric outlet? Can changing it
make a difference in sound? If so, any recommendations?
Thanks for the info
Yes, thats just what power cords are. If you have a non captive cord on your CDP,Amp, receiver, DAC,Pre-pro, or any other piece of gear you can replace it. I have tried Moon Audio,ZU Cable, JPS and a few others. It's a big tweek and chances are you will hear a difference. Have Fun!
There was virtually no activity in this area about 6-7 years ago, and when I first heard of it 4 years ago, it sounded most unlikely. I ended up borrowing one (a Cardas Reference) from my dealer and could not believe the difference it made on my CD player. That cord did not make much of a difference on my integrated amp, but a TG Audio HSR made an amazing improvement.

So, yes - they do work, and what's more frustrating, they are system (component) dependent. If you tell us where you are thinking of using one, someone who owns the same gear as you may have a recommendation.

Buy something used and get your feet wet. Make your own, if you are handy. You won't believe how well they work.

I think they can make a big difference, but many people disagree.

Definitely search the archives and you'll witness some spirited and varying opinions.
I agree with the Cardas Golden Reference Power Cord recommendation. It makes a very big improvement with a lot of different components. Jallen
If you're skeptical, try an inexpensive one first. The Absolute Power Cord is a good for that won't cost an arm & leg. If you don't like it, you can sell it here, and get most of your cost back...here's the link to them.

Cheers, Spencer
Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes! Mas, papi, mas...que rico, que suave...
Upgrading the power cord can make a big difference, especially if you live in an area with lots of RFI, or in an apartment or older building. I live near the Dulles airport, and it made a big difference in video and sound when I upgraded my DVD player cord. If you want to try a cheap alternative first, try a $25 power wrap from amusicdirect.com. just wrap it around your standard power cord and give it a chance. You can also put it on your receiver, tv, cable/satellite box. If you see a difference you may want to upgrade those components with real power cords. You don't have to spend a lot of upgraded cords, either.
The same power cord that "gttgroup.com" sells for $49.99/$59.99 can be purchased from Americor for just $2.87.

Do a search at the AA on the "Absolute Power Cord" and see what is being said about this overpriced cord.
I herd the difference when I upgraded my stock cord with a Harmonic Technology. The soundstage deepened and the bass got a little tighter. If you are all finished buying equiptment and you are happy with your purchases (as we all are) start upgrading your cables.
One thing I learned from all this is that YES power cords can make a big difference in some components. However, installing dedicated lines will make a difference in ALL components. For around $200 you may be able to have someone install a couple dedicated lines (separate the amps from the electronics). This was the single most valuable improvement I made to my system, and it cost about the same as one high end power cord.
even some of the "best" components come with cable no thicker than your pinky finger. up grading to a better cable is a definate improvement, you will be surprised, maybe even shocked. ever seen good, quality cable? in general they are as thick as your thumb! if you want to experience an excellent performer for an absolute MODEST price you must try "signal cable." their web site is easily found by any search engine, take a look at their offerings, especially if you are a skeptic or just unsure. enjoy the music.
The same power cord that "gttgroup.com" sells for $49.99/$59.99 can be purchased from Americor for just $2.87.

To this date, no one has actually proved that. That means cut opening both, counting and measuring the strands/wires and describing the twist pattens. If someone does, I'll buy the $2.87 cord.