power cord affects on video?

Has it ever been discussed before if power cords can have an affect on video quality for example with bluray players and TVs? Some may use high end power cord on bluray players for audio, perhaps they could comment

I was experimenting with a high end CRT monitor and the power cord does indeed influence the picture, though since CRTs naturally have a soft image most of the benefits of the better cord are probably lost, conversely since CRTs are purely analogue devices and draw more power than LCDs they would benefit more than an LCD I assume.

a 4K LCD and 4k bluray would be a good way to test this.
I put a better power cable on my 50" LCD tv and I did not notice any difference - then my wife came home and asked me what had I done to the TV - she thought it looked more vibrant and colourful.

She didn't hear the improvement in the Audio system, but saw the improvement on the TV.

Go figure :-)
I experienced a better tv picture with an "audiophile approved" power cord to the TV
One can't argue with what one sees. That's one blessing that detractors have no influence on. With my old Samsung Plasma TV, I tried a Zu Mission PC that I had laying around and the black levels went deeper with more gradations and subtlety in the details. You could make out more image detail in the darkest of settings. 

PLUGE levels (greyscale) were much easier to discern and moire patterns were lessened a bit as well. 

All colors took on more saturation and intensity, contrast was more apparent and brightness levels increased some. It was like the TV was starving for more power.

All the best,
Don't know about TV sets but I put $13 14 gauge shielded power cord on the computer and couldn't believe my eyes - everything looked so much better on the monitor. Sound from the computer was also better. Then I put second power cord on the monitor - no difference. Then I compared $150 audiophile power cord and that $13 power cord - no difference, but my computer monitor is probably 15 years old. More than enough for me, though.
Based on my experience, a good quality power cord would definitely improve image quality. Be aware, what sort of AC plug is used.

Rhodium or Silver AC plugs (with better emphasis on high frequency!) will surly enhance the details, resolution, 3D effect in term of layers of scenes in image as well as vividness, sharpness of edges in scenes. Sometimes it becomes weird  (!!) where in movies when they use those green screen to project other background!!, with layering of scenes you could easily observe that filming has been done in a studio!?

This is because, all these mentioned terms rely on high frequencies of video signal. Low frequency of video consist of definition of contours. 

You don't need to spend too much money on these PCs. You could make your own DIY power cord (~$80, like Neotech PC Hybrid mkIII) with cheap AC plugs like Sonarquest Rhodium or Silver (~$25).

hope that would help...

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How do you know it’s the law of diminishing returns? Hint: You don’t. In audio the only constraints are the ones in your head. I suspect yours is a case of penny wise, pound foolish. No offense.
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Yes, Elizabeth, you do dress expensive, your car and stereo..
Just don't eat too cheap, I mean low quality food and not low quantity of good food. Each time when I go to supermarket I feel a little uneasy because I usually buy quite expensive stuff compared to most other shoppers but not much of it so the bill is actually quite low.
Yes a good quality Power Cable with a good Power Conditioner will definitely upgrade Video quality.
considering all the electronics that follows the power cord in a TV its hard to imagine this level of imagination.
meh? You obviously have not idea the 1000s of components and 100s of feet of wire that sit betweeen the power inlet and and the picture that excites your imagination. Try your imagination down the path from the power cord to the picture.
Ah, the age old canard re: all that wire that come before the outlet.
Tell me now, who has an excitable imagination?
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I had no real experience with power cord/cable upgrades until the past year. I use a PC for both my video (blu-ray) and audio source, so my go to to test things was using it on my PC first, and there is certainly a difference, enough so where I upgraded every power cable in my video chains (.

Since my hobby started years ago through video and not audio my conclusion in terms of video cables has come down to low wire gauge and silver as the conductor leads to the best effect (of course there are other things to consider such as conductor purity, conductor geometry, and dielectric as they all do not look the same in terms of output) and so far it seems like this is the same case in terms of power cables where silver offers a more airy three dimensional space, brighter image, better color reproduction and separation, and clearer details. The 10 gauge silver power cables are a bit better than the 12 gauge ones I've used, they just seem to have an enhanced version of a similar effect (just to note Cabledyne just had a 50% off sale on their 12 gauge silver power cables that meant $87 for the 1 meter version, though the sale just ended they are doing something for Cyber Monday, and I'd assuming the sale just ending this past week means a better sale on Cyber Monday). I just got done testing seven different power cables on my PC back to back (then doing that again just to make sure everything checked out on the second pass), going through the same video and audio tracks and viewing the same still images on each and each has a bit of a different signature. My desktop background (left over from Halloween) looked different with each cable. It's the same with a tv/monitor (and I'll safely assume projector), a video scaler, a signal amplifier, and cable box.
I can tell you there's a good difference between the first power cables I tried a little over a year ago in Pangea AC-14 SE's and others I bought after. The AC14-SE was a good amount weaker than one I bought from a seller on eBay by the name of BLE Design for $17 less than the $50 Pangea (BLE cable: good cable, the iec end on the cables is thin and chintzy though- mine cracked, but performance holds up compared to far more expensive cables), The BLE cable is advertised as using 5n copper in a 10 gauge cable with red copper plugs. There may not be a huge difference once you find a good upgrade cable compared to other power cables in that class and above as at a certain performance or price point and up there seems to be very good care going into the cables, but there are differences. Once you find a sweet spot it's up to you if a small yet still discernible upgrade may be worth your money.

I've even noticed that coupling a good cable to a weaker built in cable or power supply that a tv has works as well (did this for my Loewe Aconda, would love to have a technician upgrade the entire cord from the inside though). It's unfortunate that some hdtv's now have a thin little bit of cabling going to a power brick that has a c7 female connector though, as it'd be better to not have to couple a good cable (potentially to a c17 to c7 adapter) to a brick that then connects to a thin wire to the tv, instead of just having the cable connecting directly into the tv.
I cannot tell you the reasons why the cable upgrades work, I honestly thought the power cable upgrade thing was a bit silly until I actually decided to try it just in case there was anything to it, but it makes a difference. Mind you my eyes have been attuned to discern video upgrades for around 20 years now to the point where I can pinpoint what cable is being used in a blind test, and blue eyes are better at capturing light, so I can only attest to what have seen and cannot say others will experience the effect at the same level, but I am sure once you find a good cable/cord you will see a difference. With so many different a/v-phile level cables out there I cannot tell you which ones are right for the job and which ones may be "decent but not at the level you'd be truly happy" like the Pangea was for me, so you may want to audition a few or look for some respected ones used.
Of course, pseudo-theorists are religious gangsters, they insist on how it should be according to their fantasies and when reality interferes they whine like mules and shoot at will.
I noticed an improvement after I gave my plasma balanced power from my Core Power Tech unit, but an aftermarket cord from a wall outlet?...........I think people just WANT to believe there is a difference, so they think they see one.

Just like audio.
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Elizabeth, your speaker cables, they bother me, irritate big time actually. Your power cords too, a little less.
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ebm sells his top of the line Furutech cables for $999 or less. Might work well with your set up, don't really know, it's a guess. But you like Furutech.

NEO D+ by Oyaide figure of eight cables are so good I haven't bothered to try anything more expensive. Just terrific for TV. If you have a smart TV use these cables. Only about $60.00


Please tell us where you can get them that hopefully isn't Ebay, Because most stuff on there is counterfeit.

I have used a bunch of C7/figure eight power cables in the past for TV screens. The Audioquest C7 was good, the Nordost Purple Flare C7 was the best so far.

The power filtration makes a noticeable difference on picture quality.

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