Power Cord & Power Conditioner Recommendations

I just put together a new system:

Rega Planar 3
Rega Fono Pre
Naim Uniti Star
GoldenEar Triton One.R
Wireworld Oasis Cables & Interconnects

There is so much conflicting information and out there about power cords and conditioners and so many manufacturers and products. Any advice about power cords / conditioners? Do they make a big difference? Recommendations for this system (I don't want to overkill $$$ wise)? Also of note the Tritons have powered subwoofers which each need their own cord. Any input would be greatly appreciated thanks!  
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I’ve been using the Monster power platinum (8 outlet) for about 5 years now. Prior to that I had a Furman power conditioner (stopped working one day).

Look for power conditioners that offer replacement in the case of damage to electronics (mine is up to 600k)

Austere is another good brand.

A power conditioner cannot improve the performance characteristics of any component; it can only help by maximizing performance.

For power cords, anything made by a Japanese manufacturer or hospital grade is ideal.
Ha! You're right - lots of choices and info. And it's true that you need to trust your own ears. I imagine there are threads around discussing good matching with your Golden Ears and Naim.....

That said, I see cables as components and have listened to many....maybe too many. Dynamic Designs Lotus power cords would be a place to land. Used they are a steal. Also BMI Whale Elites if you can find them. Bang for buck goes to Triode wire labs and ESP Essence in my experience. 

Power conditioning depends on what you have coming in. If you have widely variable voltage or lots of noise, a regenerating conditioner is a good idea. The AmpRx Brown box is also a pretty good solution and could even be used with other conditioners.

Good clean power makes a significant difference in a quiet background, imaging and detail and is worth dropping some coin on....Again, in my experience...of course, the power in my village is about as inconsistent and spiky as it gets.

Good luck with finding the right power cord and power conditioner.
Regarding power conditioning, yup - you’re also right. Some amplifiers and other components can be sensitive to voltage sags or spikes from unregulated power (mainly high frequency swtiching noise). This is where the voltage regulation aspect of a power conditioner comes in to play. There are also radio frequencies to consider that literally exist within wall sockets... :/

Since we must use our ears in this hobby, any upgrades we make along the way are easy to detect.

May I suggest: https://www.saticusa.com/

The power in my home is already clean (some other proper brand) and the internal wiring is high-quality. The home was originally built by a certified construction expert & electrician) who worked for a tough client!!
A lot of great information for me to do follow-up research on thanks so much for the input guys!
Something more for consideration:
Isotek Evo3 Aquarius with Shunyata Venom HC (v1 or 2).
The Aquarius made a big difference in my system with the as supplied Premium cord.
Replacing it with a Venom HC v1 brought further improvement.

Awesome thanks for all the info - so it seems all things considered the fact that I have an older house plus the cost / benefit realities would make power conditioning the priority for sound quality and equipment protection - then budget for power cords later. With the 2 powered subs in the tritons plus all other components I will need 5 power cords which is too expensive for me to buy all at once along with the conditioning. Would the conditioner be a product I should buy new (typically I buy demo equipment) to have an equipment protection warranty, etc.? Also assuming the blue book value of the components totals 12k or so what be a reasonable price cap for the conditioner?
Very interesting video - now I can't tell if I'm more or less confused. Is there a valid rebuttal to this?  
Me thinks you need to educate yourself on the different types of power conditioners. There are passive and active conditioners. Then there are power regenerators which PS Audio is known for. Also, not all PC's have surge protection. That's what's found on most power strips and protects your gear during power spikes. 

Lots of info in the archives:

It's so true about RFI found in the home and in the air from external sources. This adds noise to the electrical wiring and also the audio signal cables. 
Look for a PC with RFI/EMI filtering.

I'd like to spend 1k or under if possible if that's appropriate. Appropriate budget for the conditioner relative to the overall value of the system is something I'm totally unsure about.  Also as lowrider mentions I would want to have surge protection as well. Reading through the archive links there's a lot of info there and a lot of disagreement (per usual). It seems like the Shunyata line is as universally recommended as you're likely to find but the prices look astronomical. I can't imagine it would be reasonable to spend the same amount on power as for your amp, even if funds were no consideration.
Look through the classifieds for a used unit. Audiophiles upgrade power conditioners as often as other components.

Ive owned many brands over the decades, including PS Audio, which ain't all that. Check out Core Power. Great produces at fair prices
Cool thanks for the Core Power info I'm checking them out now. Any opinions on how the Core Power units at a similar price point stack up against the Isotek Evo3 Aquarius ghosthouse mentioned?
Can't answer your question, but the EquiCore is balanced power. The hot and neutral are separated from the ground and inverted out of phase. Noise on these lines is removed, then output with a new ground.
Same as a fully balanced amp.

That's really the price point I was hoping for at least for now  - I saw this also - trying to find one for sale:  Shunyata VENOM PS8 - there looks like there used to be a music direct bundle or from underwood now -  Equi=Core 1000 - $1,495.00 Intro special is $999.00 delivered
I would look for a used Shunyata Hydra 4 or Hydra 6. Get the best 2 power cords you can afford - one for the Hydra (you can pick up a used Shunyata Taipan Helix Alpha 20a for around $300) and one for the Naim. 
Skip the power cords for the GEs for now (you will get improved bass definition by just plugging them into the hydra using stock cords). 
Your table can be plugged into anything as it just needs power to spin the motor. Your phono pre has wallwart power supply if I’m not mistaken. Plug that into Hydra. 
Just my $0.2….
Equi=Core 1000 - $1,495.00 Intro special is $999.00 delivered
Wally’s website states no returns, so best to check with him.

I bought a Deep=Core this year. I could hear no change in my system’s sound with it installed. I sold it a month later for half price. No returns. 

I didn’t follow my general policy of buying new with a return policy, or buying used. 

Caveat emptor.

Thanks to the last 2 posts - 1) I totally missed the fact the Core had no returns; 2) thanks audphile for suggesting a power cord strategy. Having to buy 6 power cords at the prices I'm seeing out there is scary.
daleberlin    These ASR guys are full of it.  They, based on what measurement gear they have, make sweeping conclusions about the ineffectivenes of PCs, PLC, etc.  When I challenged them with another test that documented objective significant "noise" reduction that contradicts their assertions, I heard nothing.  No response, no rebuttal. 

Here's the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gY_g2Txqmoc
FWIW, I do not own any Shunyata products

Just saw your post re you needing 5 cords.

I have a spare 1.5mtr Wireworld Electra 5.2 you can have. PM if you are interested. I'm never going to use it again. You're welcome to it. 

I have upgraded to Silver Electra's and Coincident PC's.