Powering off Equipment-Silly question


Is there any difference between powering off an amp by pulling the cord out of the wall vs hitting the Off Button?

I ask, because my amp has a wood face plate and due to the cold weather it has swelled to the point where the power button is stuck and will not release.

Will any harm be done by pulling the power cord out of the wall? I would think that both pretty much do the same thing,, ie, cut of AC to the unit.. however given the choice, (which I do not have) it is advisable to use the power switch.
My gut reaction is that it will make no difference, however if your amp is a tube amp and it has a slow start function you might be bypassing this aspect of its circuitry. Dumb question - can you have the face plate removed and take it to a woodworking shop and have them plane off a few mm from the back, the seal it to prevent future moisture entry?
You don't have a switch so I wouldn't worry about it.
Any reason that you don't leave the amp permanently on ?

On some amps there are muting relays so that the amp shut down doesn't result in speaker noises, but on most amps there are not. It's probably not going to do any harm, but best of all might be to leave it on all of the time.
thanks for the responses, the person I bought it from emailed me the solution, however the Power Button actually popped out on its own sometime this afternoon.

Sean, I do not leave the amp on, the tubes are mucho expensive, and the amp draws lots of power....you and I live in Northern Cal, PGE prices makes sure it is prohibitive to keep amps on 24/7....have you moved yet?, that may answer it...
BigJoe, LOL, living in Sunny CAL, but those wavacs use some exotic woods..

Cold typically causes contraction, not expansion. My guess is that you have a moisture problem, not a temperature problem.


now that the switch is in the extended-out position, perhaps you might spray some lubricant (WD40, Teflon, etc) onto a Q-tip & then apply that around the button's perimiter such that the constricing surface is lubricated, which might improve the situation?
I agree with Reubent's comment...I think a dehumidifier would help in your button sticking situation.
HI Justlisten, I didn't realize it was a tube amp. I use all solid state so even though I'm still in N. CA it's not too expensive to leave it on.

I'd be amazed if you have a damp problem is you're in the bay area. Until the last few days the air has been so dry I've been having problems with the skin on my hands cracking .... ouch !
It's possible the area surrounding the switch shrank to where the button becomes inop. In my home, some of the doors get too "tight" for their openings in the winter, giving the impression that the door has expanded, but it is the other way around.

Only hole in this theory may be that the heat of the amp itself should compensate for the cold environment, but who knows as to location...