pre-amp processor

I'm looking for a av pre-amp processor in the $4000 to $6000 range any suggestions.Thanks


I recently purchased an Anthem AVM60 for a bonus room. We are very happy with it. Seems to have a great ARC and very easy set up.  I bought new as a close out. You could check out their new models and they would be more in your price range. 


I was researching the anthem  avm 70 and the avm 90 along with the marantz 8805a and leaning towards the anthem products


Please give us a call we sell

Three major brands of processors


We have anthem Audio control and nad

The nad m17 is a fantastic sounding modular piece


The audio control hassall Discrete sabere 9038 pro dacs


the anthem is a great deal and has arc room correction

Each has advantages




anthem Audio Control and Nad dealers



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My suggestion is bring one of those $6k marvels home, hook it up and listen to it. Then just for kicks do the same with some used $500 stereo whatever. Anything. Literally anything.

When you hear how much better the sound quality is, stop and think: Is multichannel really worth it? Really??! 

Mr X :I am a farmer and I want to buy a tractor.

Mr Y : You should buy a bike. It is less noisy 


It depends on what you want. If you are looking for good sound quality buy a preamp (2 channel audio preamp). If a surround processor is required ,and you want equivalent sound quality, then you need to spend a lot more money. 

I have two Anthem MX 520 AVRs.  The ARC really helps the sq.  The Anthem processors have superior parts compared to the AVRs and sound better still.



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