Pre-amp Suggestion

Hello, Graaf OTL/TL owners what pre-amp are you running? I've read that Graaf Power amplifiers are warm sounding units, hence the query.


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Graaf amps can warm up a room with all those tubes! I doubt they sound warm! Silly how tube amps are thought to sound "warm"! Just buy a transparent preamp like a Benchmark and stop worrying about using a preamp as a tone control.

@jasonbourne71  Well yes LA4 is on my list. Wanted to know what other Graaf owners liked to pair theirs with. Thanks for the suggestion.

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When I still had my GM20 I used to run it with a 13.5b with fine results. Have since moved to Wavac. There is nothing ‚warm‘ or wooly about Graaf OTLs

I had once a Graafiti amp, basically Graafs second label so to speak it was pushpull and not OTL and even that amp was the opposite of warm. I'd suggest a good tubed preamp and the 13.5 @antigrunge2 is suggesting would be a perfect match.

Yes, tube amps are thought to sound warm, and silver cables are bright. Really? Because silver is shiny? Jason is on to something here.