Preamp/ amp repair recommendations in S. Fla?

My Counterpoint 5.1 has developed a hum.

My Aria amp blows fuses immediately upon startup.

Can anyone recommend a good tech in South Florida?

Thanks in advance.
Tom Tutay is, or used to be in Fort Walton Beach FL, don't know what part of FL that is sorry, but Tom is an outstanding tech that specializes in tubed gear. The company is called Transition Audio Designs.
You might want to investigate HIGH PERFORMANCE STEREO, PHONE (888)850-4366 in Hallandale, FL. They are resellers of very high end vintage audio and also offer repair services. I have never used them but know they do a lot of high-end audio equipment repairs just on their own equipment they resell.

Any tech with tube experience will sort it out, as it is a simple design, here is the schematic less power supply you can give them.

Cheers George