Preamp with Parasound A21+ amp?

Would the Rotel preamp 1572MKll work well with the Parasound A21+ amp?


The user feedback suggests that the preamp in question is clinical, sterile, and highly detailed in sound, potentially lacking warmth. This might not complement the detail-oriented nature of the Parasound A21/A23 series well.

Thank you. What amps would you recommend with the rotel preamp. Price point being $5k

I found the A21+ a bit warmer than my normal preference, but when I paired it with a super neutral preamp like the Benchmark LA4 I liked the A21+ a lot. I currently use the LA4 with another slightly warm amp (less so than the A21+), the CODA #16. A great pairing.

You can do a 30-day home trial of the LA4. Don’t let the price fool you. You will not find a better volume control.

Benchmark LA4 Line Amplifier - Benchmark Media Systems

If you want a bit more warmth with similar sonic attributes of the LA4. though with less preamp features, and maybe a lesser volume control, check out the Holo Serene for the same price.

The A21+ is a great amp.  Don’t insult it with a Rotel preamp. It deserves better.

I have the Parasound A21 amplifier and the Backert Labs Rhumba 1.3 preamplifier. Together they make fantastic music. For your budget you can go to the Extreme version of this preamp.

BTW, posts like these always reminds me of a user - almarg - who is no more with us. He would have provided the details on why the Rotel might sound sterile and which impedance preamplifier you should be going with, etc., to make your system sound great with the amp you own. He is missed on this forum.

Hello @tjraubacher ,  I have literally been there.  I had Parasound amps and Classe amps and Preamps.  The Parasound stuff is built like a tank, sounds good, and lasts forever.  I have had A23+, A51 and A21.  But they can be on the warm side and never sounded 'great' until I got an Audionet Pre 1 G3 preamp. I got mine used for about  $3500 without the fancy extra power supply.  It was my first real experience with better equipment, and started me on a long and fulfilling upgrade path through Audionet amps and preamps.  I strongly recommend a call to Bill at GTT Audio.  He really helped me.