Preamplifier for Quicksilver V4s

Hi all,

I just picked up a couple of weeks ago a beautiful pair of current edition Quicksilver V4s from their original owner.  These will replace a Modwright KWA150 SE.  the Quickies have been my goal for years but I never had the room for them.  After recently changing racks, though, that problem is solved.

My regular preamplifier, a Modwright SWL 9.0 Anniversary, is on the fritz and back at MW.  I’m using temporarily a solid state Sonogy Reasearch prototype test mule (friend owns that company).  It sounds awesome and actually pairs quite well with everything, but it’s not for sale.

So this has me thinking about what might be the ideal match to the Quickies.  I have Daedalus DA 1.1 v2 speakers, and I listen to probably 80% vinyl through a very good set up.  The Quickies are the single ended version, not balanced.

Thoughts so far are:

Aestetix Calypso
Audible Illusions (either the preamp or the linestage)
Quicksilver linestage
Rogue RP-5

I will go over to Audio Connection and talk to John...these were originally sold there, he knows them inside/out, and he sells all of the above except Herron.  I just figured if anyone has had any particular success pairings to share, I’d ask.  Thanks!
I use the Quicksilver line stage and phono preamp with my Quicksilver amps. There is the remote ( 6dj8 ) and the non remote ( 12at7 ). If you need a preamp with features, balance ,mono, etc. the QS does not have any. If you don’t need those options you won’t go wrong with the QS!
Thanks, Yogi!  About the only thing I would like is remote volume.  Everything else is extraneous to me.
I had Quicksilver V-4 amps and used an Aesthetix Calypso with them. It was a great match and has remote control
I met up with a guy that had Quicksilver V4's and he had them paired with a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium preamp. He said he really liked the dual mono and silver clad wiring. He took the time with his cable and component selection so everything in his CD chain is silver wiring from the wall to the speakers. 
The set up was dead silent, even well beyond listening levels. 
Back from the dead

Where do you even buy Quicksilver gear? I'm interested in the Line Stage but I only find LP Gear having it and the specs don't match the QS website.
I also had the Aesthetix Calypso with the V4's and was very happy with it. The Calypso easily handles everything the V4's puts out with room to spare. 
I have heard an Atma-Sphere MP-3 3.3 with vcaps and it was very nice to say the least.