Preferred Node 2i and Ayre CDP connections to Soekris 2541 DAC?

Old timer 2 channel guy who just today took delivery of a Soekris 2541 DAC, and I'm about to order a Node 2i for my first foray into the world of streaming.  I currently run an Ayre CDP via XLRs into my Pathos Logos integrated amp. I now plan on running the Soekris into the amp via XLRs. 

The Ayre CDP was rated very highly in it's day, but since it's now 15 years old, I assume I'd want to run that through the Soekris unit, as well as the Node.  My question/s is what do you recommend I run for connections from the Node and the Ayre CDP into the DAC?   Soekris has TOS, RCA, BNC, AES, and of course USB 'ins'. Since I have to purchase a new cable or two anyway, which connections would you suggest I use.  Ayre has XLR and RCA outs.  I've been away from the hobby for about a dozen years so explain your thoughts to me on the connections like I was a 4 year old. 
Node2i has S/PDIF RCA and Toslink out. RCA out sounds best, so you can go RCA to RCA input or RCA to BNC in. You need a 75ohm cable.

If your Ayre has AES/EBU out, you can run AES to the DAC.

Does your dac have separate RCA and BNC inputs? If so, you can use S/PDIF for both devices, although some users swear by using AES.

The Node only has Toslink outputs.
I don't know if you could route the Node through the Ayre DAC.
My take is to plug the Node into your DAC via Toslink and then output to your preamp.
Plug the CDP into the preamp or you could use the CDP as a transport and input that to your DAC.
If your CDP is older than 5 years, just about any 'newer' DAC should be an improvement on sound quality.
If your Ayre CDP is an older model definitely try using it as a transport. Also, due to age it may not have AES digital out.
Since your DAC has both S/PDIF RCA and BNC, you can use them for Node and CD (with a 75ohm BNC adapter).

@lowrider57  Yes, DAC has separate RCA and BNC. Both are S/PDIP and are 75 ohm coax.  My hope/plan is to stop buying CDs and do mostly all Tidal or Qobuz, but I do have some silver discs that are obscure blues bands or smaller market bands that can't be found on the national services and I want to continue to play them but run the Ayre CDP through the DAC.  I need to pull it out of the rack and confirm, but from memory I think the Ayre CDP only has XLR and RCA outs (no AES). 

I understand running the Node from "Coax out" out to "RCA in" on DAC.  I'm confused about the CD to DAC connection.  Should that be RCA out to BNC in? So how does a left and right RCA out go into the single BNC?  Never owned any piece of equipment that had single RCA or BNC before so I'm a bit lost.
XLR and coax out on your CDP are analogue. Take a look and see if there is a digital output.

If not, then that’s a really old CD player. Only a digital output can feed a Dac. So,  you can only run the analogue outputs to a preamp.


I,too, enjoy an AYRE DX-5 universal spinner. It is 10 years old, still superb in sound quality. Keep your Ayre and enjoy the Music.

Happy Listening!

gdrbobThe OP stated a 2i , NOT a N100.
AES/EBU is preferred so go with the first response, lowrider57:
Coax (RCA) SPDIF for the other one.
If it’s got it. You’ve never offered a model number.
The CX-7eMP has AES/EBU out with a switch.
Contact Ayre. They do upgrades. Maybe they can get you there.
@fuzztone  -  I guess you missed it but I did name the DAC by brand and model in the first sentence of the OP.  I think I understand the preferred connections now, thanks to all.
I believe the Technics SL G700 is an all in one player/streamer. Excellent engineering AND true balanced outs
Did you get your answers?  Are you all setup?  

The Ayre does have an AES output that you can use to feed the DAC2541.  I think you have to flip a switch to turn it on.  Of course you can still play the CD player out to your system via analog.

I am not sure where you are going with all of this.  I assume you have an amp/or pre-amp/amp and speakers.

The Node 2i has unbalanced outputs that you can feed to that directly to the rest of the system..  May not sound as good as the Soekris.

Let me know if I can help more.