price of Oppo players threw the roof

Was over at Amazon the 203 was priced around $1100. Pure greed.
I paid for one that was “in stock” through Magnolia Design Center in April only to be told they were not really in stock. Magnolia offered to keep my money in hopes of fulfilling my order one day. I declined, put my name on the Oppo wait list and have one to be delivered tomorrow. 
I put my name on the list around the second week in April and as I understand Oppo is notifying based on seniority on the list.
That makes sense then, I registered for one sometime early April so likely just working through the list by date/time.
Sure there will be a few drop out.
I don't think anyone has any idea just how many more they have committed to but I am guessing from all the interest shown it will be a substantial amount.
Still nothing, and I've been on the list since April 22nd.  I own two other Oppo's as well.  I guess customer loyalty only means something if you own high-dollar Italian sports cars.
Hang in there audiostick as it sounds like they have only just started and in early part of April orders so far.
You are 3rd to 4th week April depending how you look at it so still could be a lot of people before you.
Received an offer to buy like all the others here. Already have an UDP-203 and wondering if I should pull the trigger for an UDP-205 or not.

Is the 205 significantly better than 203 for strictly 2 channel playback?

Thank you in advance.