Girlfriend's mom threw my Cardas out with trash

This weekend, my girlfriend's parents came to visit. In her mother's haste to "help out" around the house, she threw away my brand new Cardas interconnect, which I had not even unpacked yet.

Will someone please respond with some humor. I could use it right now...
Not much of a way to start out a relationship with a potential mother-in-law. I think I'd start looking for another girlfriend. Trust me, it only goes downhill with most mothers-in-law. And, remember the old dictum: if you want to know what you wife will be like in 30 years, look at her mother.... Food for thought.
G -- you're lucky! Boxes take up space. Cardas ain't all that good anyway :^). The upper midrange is restricted -- not to speak of the +20kHz range... disastrous! You'd have installed the cables and then spent mega$ upgrading yr pre, pronto, to correct the sibilance.

AFTER the 4th upgrade, the nth tube rolling on the AR ref mk 69 pre, the 25th thread on A'gon ("where've I gone wrong with the system?"), the 26th mod on the Audio Aero Capitole mk 52), and having spent the penultimate $ on yr $200k upgrading spree... someone here would finally post a revolutionary idea: "how about THROWING OUT those Cardas and connecting a 69AWG Belden (by then hi-est end) instead".

Magic! By sheer accident of fortune, you've accelerated: brought the future forward by months, maybe years, and limited the investment by a few 100k $!!!

Not to speak of an old B-Point Special I had retipped 4 times in one year by V D Hul(the last for free), thanks to my zealous cleaning lady. By adding a few extra $ I purchased a Clearaudio Discovery.

(You sure you can't get a research deal with the trash people?)

Throw some Mahler 5th on the existing system and crank it up! Fill a glass with Lagavulin, spring water, no ice. Listen & get drunk. Good medicine.
Hey G,

At least your girlfriend's parents did not tell her that you are crazy for persuing this hobby. All my girlfriends think that I belong in the looney bin because "anyone that spends as much as I do on home stereo when there are perfectly good sounding stereos at Wal Mart ought to be commited." Just interested which cables were tossed? Make sure that they have picked up the trash!

Hope this helps,

Take her to the PEOPLE'S COURT!!!!!!!!!!!!
(if it still is on TV... I donno I have no had TV for over a year)

This would be a classic case for them. And the best thing about it, they pay damages and legal fees for both the winner AND looser. So there really are no loosers there. From what I understand though, when you see people getting upset on the show... they are NOT being coached. They genuinely are pissed off.

Those are my 2 cents.

I just hope some sanitation worker is an audiophile and sees the interconnect and USES IT! Cause it would be a waste for that to just sit for all eternity without being in a good audio system.

If I were in your shoes, I would probably be shoveling through trash at the dump!


The woman is obviously an audio reviewer and thought that Nordost Blue Heaven is what your system needs? Seriously, sorry to hear about this one. How does someone throw out something like that, which is still in its packing?
i'd say the girlfriend owes you big time. you should get the following in writing:
*no foreign films for 1 yr
*no talking during sports
*a monarchial relationship w/ the remote control
*an automatic VETO for evening entertainment, to be used at will
*the ability to call her friends a bunch of trash-bag hos w/o fear of reprisal.

that's worth $150. if you had the Golden Cross, i could thinkk of others. :-)

If it's not too late, bring the trash bucket back to dig out unpacked Cardas.
The same thing happend with me when I couldn't find a tooth crown that had been placed in the decorative ash-tray (I keep a few decorative ash-trays for suvenier purpouses only since I do not smoke). It was trhown by my mother-in-law during a clean-up process.
strap her to a bomb and send her to see bin up close. glad you can laugh about it i would be pissed to no end.
Years ago, I gave my old system system to my mother. A few years later, the tuner went bad so she gave it ALL to Goodwill. One of the components in the system was a McIntosh C22, which at the time was selling for at least $1500.
Although I didn't really care for the C22, I sure would have liked to sell it to use the money for more Krell gear.

The pain may never go away, but it will get better.
Thank you for the topic. I needed to talk about my this for years.
You want humor? Tell Cardas what happened and ask them if they'll send you a new one.
Look at the positive side,it could have been your amp or something more valuable.Women just don't understand this obsession.I hope her Mother is going to replace them....hahaha.Sorry about the loss.
maybe throw the mother in law's cat in the trash. you could say that it looked like it was old & didn't have much value around the house, just taking up space, barfing & eating....
...once my friend's mother-in-law saw his Pass Aleph 6 and said that she's never seen such a beautiful heater!
If said event is indicative of things domestic, such information may be easily worth the price of a pair of Cardas cables. Careful, man.
good one rhyno. i agree. how about send me the cat . i will feed it to my black lab. he likes chew toys that make noise.
> Girlfriend's mom threw my Cardas out with trash
> You want humor? Tell Cardas what happened and ask
> them if they'll send you a new one.

A new set of cables or a new girlfriend?
Tell your girlfriend she can replace the cable herself, or with your mother-in-law, she can detail your place until it's in the same condition as your cable was....
Otherwise you'll be emotionally & audibly scarred for life!
I'd request that my girlfriend issue me 25 IOU's which can be used for ANYTHING at any time. Whether they're used for cancellation of honeydo's or (ahem...) certain other physical stress reduction activities....either way they'd be well worth the $$$.

As far as her mother goes, kindly request that she please not "help out" in the future unless she wants her daughter to be forever your indentured servant.......

Lastly, call your insurance and see if they will cover it (if your deductable is low enough). Also, I don't know if they were purchased with either a gold VISA or MC but some of them will cover loss/theft of a recently purchased might check with the issuing bank if you used plastic...

Sorry to hear about it.....

Yes I think you should do that!/ I would say that
this comes under the extended warranty

I guess this is late to suggest this, but, home insurance might actually cover this, minus your deductible. However it could result in higher rates for a few years.
ps: There is no limit the extent to which women will go to test a man's composure.... if you kept your cool, and impressed a good woman, then it was worth the price.
She's a mom, ergo she is therefore entitled to invoke the; "It's all for the best, if you keep playing with such things, you'll probably trip over them and poke your eyes out.", anytime she pleases.
The obvious answer is to take it out in trade. However if you confess how much those cables really cost and the two of you get married, then you may have severely hobbled future purchases.
It's time for a new GF. It'd be afraid if you had a might get thrown out with the bath water.

She owes you the replacement cost of the IC's.
So, I watched American Pickers on the History Channel Monday night. Guess what they found?
"*no foreign films for 1 yr
*no talking during sports
*a monarchial relationship w/ the remote control
*an automatic VETO for evening entertainment, to be used at will
*the ability to call her friends a bunch of trash-bag hos w/o fear of reprisal.

that's worth $150. if you had the Golden Cross, i could thinkk of others. :-)"

Wow! Was the American dollar really worth that much more nine years ago?