price of Oppo players threw the roof

Was over at Amazon the 203 was priced around $1100. Pure greed.
I have no idea if a new Oppo is the way to go. Maybe the following is relevant. My Oppo 981 plays CDs quite ok but no more. SACDs are better, lively and large soundscape. Yet it is still beaten by vinyl rips made on my Tascam DA-3000, played back on the small Fiio X3ii DAP.  Not in all respects, the Oppo SACD soundscape is larger, and better in some ways - the vinyl has associated problems - but in terms of long term listening. I am aware that Oppo players evolved a lot, from my 981 model.
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I don't think they are throwing any roofs...  Its through, not threw.
Some see it as greed but to some it’s business opportunity. That’s what it means to have freedom. If you don’t like what you see, click next and don’t buy. IMHO (I bet you wouldn’t like people telling you how much you should be selling your products) 
+1 for audioengr 

Just curious as to what the story line would be for a sequel to "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" that was titled "Threw the Looking-Glass". :-)

tonykay and lilmsmaggie nailed it! Point, set, and match in tennis jingo.

The OP's expressed characterization of Amazon's sales price for the unit as "pure greed" is just his extreme biased anecdotal and personal value judgement . To AMAZON its just simple business and sales marketing triggering a Hobson's Choice.

A Hobson's choice is a free choice in which only one thing is offered. Because a person may refuse to accept what is offered, the two options are taking it or taking nothing. In other words, one may "take it or leave it". The phrase is said to have originated with Thomas Hobson (1544–1631), a livery stable owner in Cambridge, England, who offered customers the choice of either taking the horse in his stall nearest to the door or taking none at all.
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I have an Oppo BDP-83 and will be sticking with it. I have an Oled tv and I've been streaming most of what I watch now. I haven't had a disc in the Oppo for months, which is probably one of the reasons Oppo is getting out of the manufacturing business. Same with cd's, I now stream more than I play cd's and I haven't bought any cd's for a couple of years now.  Even at $20/month for Tidal, I'm saving money. 
I totally agree that the Oppo players are now a victim of price gouging.  I called someone out who was selling a used Oppo 205 for $2500.00. He responded that he is a Saint for not selling for 4K like some are selling on flea bay.  Hey, as long as you can sleep at night. 
Actually if somebody is selling an oppo 205 or 203 on ebay at say no reserve and the bidding takes it up to record heights then you can hardly blame the seller can you?
For those, like me, who missed out on the 203 or 205 by not responding fast enough, try modding the power supply. For my 103, I got a cheap linear power board unit to replace the digital one and the results were profound. 

Bass just slams, deeply, and dialogue is better. Overall the sound is better as is the picture. More pop and color saturation. My SACD player is still better but the gap was narrowed, just a bit, when it comes to music playback.

My only complaint was that the board is mounted on a 1/4" thick plate that's about 1mm too long so it abuts the inside of the case before it should. One side bolts down fine but the other side doesn't align enough to use the other two bolts. It's in there tight and works fine.

If you're lucky to have gotten the 203 or 205, or still have the 105, check out Clones Audio for their power board. It's the way I'd go. Plug and replace with video to help guide you.

All the best,
@nonoise I am fortunate to have both the 105 and the 205. Shame I cannot use your optional board in Aus. We do have a "Dan Wright" equivalent here so I'll ask him about a replacement. Cheers.
Hey guys it was early morning, for me anyway and hadn't had that first brew coursing through/threw/thru my veins.
Considering it was likely the best bargain in mid-hi Audio (the Eminent Tech LFT-8b’s I just bought are surely a contender), double the price for something that’s now obsolete and who’s ilk will never see the light of day again, isn’t a gouge: it’s simple market economics.
The 205 is a keeper. My 95, which I’ve had for 6 years, is even better for audio with the stacked dacs. I just watched Saving Private Ryan in 4k last night through the 205.
Amazing disc rendered by an amazing player.
Oppo was a giant-killing beast, threw and threw. I’ll be happy buying American and European from here on out, though. If we let Chinese companies like that corner markets, we’re done for. And I’m a Bernie Sanders guy! 
I bought and upgraded a Pioneer LX88, too bad Oppo. Beats the Oppo 205 anyway...and later in a year's time or so when Pioneer release their new players...I'll be back. 
If you think 1100 bucks is threw the roof , have you seen prices of the others ?
Johnread57 ...  curious ... what leads you to believe your upgraded Pioneer LX88 beats the Opportunity 205?  Please share in a meaningful way that helps others out here.  What mods did you make to the pioneer?  What was your total time and expense?  What company(s) did you use for parts or to do the mods?  How did you feel about their service?  Did you do a side by side comparison to the 205 on your own rig?  Are you comparing the audio or the video, or both?  Was it a similar quality TV monitor for comparison, or for audio, were the 2 rigs comparabe as per, what speakers and amp were used in each rig?  Thanks in advance for any detailed feedback. 
I nearly through up when I read this! But seriously, you do realize that oppo is still manufacturing the players, albeit in the very short term, until the end of this month? You can still buy them for regular msrp at best buy or other authorized dealers. Why in the world would you buy it from Amazon, probably from a third party seller and get ripped off?

I have one reserved for me at b.b.-on it's way right now to the store- as I type this.
Are you saying that if you bought one, you THREW your money away, like maybe over the roof?  Just be glad you did not buy the $500 one that was rebadged,, repackaged,  and sold for $2500.  Supply and demand also affected the $100 the Sony digital tuner. Just try to get one for several times that price.
The bottom line is that no one is twisting anyone's arm to pay those crazy prices. Perhaps one way of looking at it is that if the people paying those prices had really wanted an Oppo, why didn't they buy one previously?  Even when the announcement was made, they still had a backlog of inventory to sell. Why didn't they jump on one of those at normal price? 

The procrastinators willing to pay inflated prices are being penalized for not taking action. I hardly feel sorry for them. Personally, I wouldn't pay those kind of over inflated asking prices. 

I also wonder why Oppo would stop selling them if there was still a market. Obviously another manufacturer was taking their business, meaning that consumers felt other products were more desirable.
They are still available at the original msrp from authorized settlers or direct. No need to pay the over inflated prices on Amazon or eBay. Stock is low, and may even be already gone, but I reserved mine about two months ago, and should be receiving it soon.

Never understood people with no concept of free market economy.  There is no moral obligation on the part of a seller to be a nice guy and sell for less than the going price for any item - his goal is to get as much as the market will bear, end of story.

For example, if you are the owner of a wine shop with a stock of a wine that was worth $50 the day before the Wine Spectator or Parker gives it a 100 point score, are you morally bankrupt when the price shoots to $300 a bottle if you also price your stock at that level?  No, but you'd be an idiot if you sold it for the old price.
Some of us bought the 203 for $850 delivered. I'd imagine some even paid less for their's. Can't blame Oppo for giving early adopters an incentive. It's my first Oppo product, and I'm only using it for movies. I'm a vinyl guy through and through.
It’s simple; if you’re on the purchase side one feels ripped off. And on the sellers side, it’s a great time to take advantage of having a 203/205 to sell. It’s all relative, there will always be those who feel ripped off and those able to exploit a position. 
I was notified by oppo this afternoon that they did produce more 205's .  I was on the waitlist since april and ordered one today- one per customer.
Where did the information come from that you can still buy OPPO UDP-205 from authorized dealers???   I would like to think so, but not to my knowledge.

 I was just notified by Magnolia, where I have a prepaid unfilled order for the 205, that they have not heard one word from OPPO and have given up on being able to fill those prepaid orders and are ordering full refund. 
  Best Buy has never carried OPPO.  They have none in inventory.
  I would sure like to find one but I suspect we should believe OPPO.  Last I looked they expected to have inventory in August.  Here is the wording from their website as of a minute ago.
“We will have more OPPO UDP-205 players available in August, 2018*. If you are interested in being notified when the UDP-205 is available again, please register below.”
”* - Projected. Actual availability date tentative and subject to changes.”

 In closing......Certain people need to learn the difference between threw and through.
I signed up around April 22nd, but have yet to hear from them as well.  Since I missed-out, I'm hoping the batches are small but frequent.
I Do not believe any have been produced yet so not sure how some people are thinking they have one coming.

Also indications were that OPPO was going to do just one more production run and that was it.

Their web their web site says they are getting more in August and people who signed up will be notified when they arrive.  
Two weeks ago, OPPO Customer Service replied to my inquiry that they were "expecting the UDP-205 to arrive in multiple batches starting late June to August".
I received an email from Oppo on Friday, June 22 offering a link to purchase a UDP-205. I purchased the unit and received an email confirmation. Today, June 25, I received a shipping confirmation which says the delivery is expected for Saturday, June 30.
Good for you chili!
But you are first I have heard of so far.
Can't remember exactly when I added my name to list but was shortly after present stock was sold out I think.
I have not had anything from oppo at all yet.
After reading of this new and final shipment, I emailed OPPO an hour ago about any chance of some 203 players as well and was told that there's only going to be 205 units coming. Oh well.

Though the 205 is twice the cost, what would you buy that is comparable to a 203/205 in video? You may want to consider the 205.
@pokey77 ,
I've been considering it but swapping out the power board in my 103 gave me much better sound and a bit of improvement in the picture.  Definitely worth it, IMHO. 

For just $900 more than the cost of the OPPO, I may get a new integrated (though I don't need it) that, from what I've gleaned, may set a new standard in the price/performance area.

Everything is tempting when you've saved up and it burns a hole in your pocket. 😄

All the best,
Well just had my email offer of a 205 from OPPO as well, so will be taking them up on it.
I guess it is for real.
Paid for my 205 this morning, just got FedEx shipment info from,OPPO stating shipping today.