pricing Classe SSP 25 (Esoteric DV50S)

I’m using a Classe SSP 25 as my preamplifier going to a Classe power amplifier. My source is an Esoteric DV 50S.


I’m moving into Independent Living due to my age and I’m wondering if there’s much of a market for these items? Any suggestions on fair price marketing for the preamp processor and the Esoteric player?


( I'm assuming it's okay to ask prices on potential listings.)

If there's a problem with this have the moderator contact me and give me advice


HiFi Shark may be a good place to start to determine current and historical pricing:




I'll probably list the Esoteric here on Audiogon.

Problem is it's difficult for me to ship. I'll probably do a reduced price

@OP There is certainly a market for the Classe Power Amp. What model is it, DR, CAM etc?

Looks like the preamp's value is around $600 and the Esoteric $2200 from a quick search.  Don't know what model the amp is but you can just Google "[model here] Values" to see some info.  Good luck!

A review of sold DV-50s on HiFi Shark shows them going from between $800 and $1200. and the Classe between $300 and $600. Having sold a DV-50s within the last couple of years, those sale prices are in line with reality for what you can expect to get, provided it is in good condition.



Where are you located?  The Esoteric DV-50S is a very fine player.


Happy Listening!

@ladycharnet , perhaps portable audio like through a computer, smartphone, or DAP (digital audio player) coupled with some earphones/earpods/headphones may be appealing to continue your high-end audio journey. Reviews in Headfonics and Headfonia may be helpful.

Wishing you the very best in this next chapter of your life.