ProAc monitor owners - which stands?

We're moving next year and will need to change over to monitors from my current D15's. Thinking D-2's but what I am ignorant about is what stands (brands/types, etc) should I be searching for? Interested in what you prefer for ProAc's.  
ProAc's need high mass stands.  Any kind will do and you will want to fill them to the top with sand or something.  I've spent years with ProAc's and trust me this is gospel.  Don't use wood stands or light aluminum stands for ProAc's.  
I found the Target HR-60 stand to be of excellent quality and a great match for my D-2's.  Target is currently distributed by Bryston, which is making them more visible again.

If I may ask--  Are you looking for a different sound?  In my experience stands take up just as much space as a similar footprint floor standing speaker.
Thanks for the info. Re: footprint - this is more of a look issue as the wife is going more modern in the new home next year. btw - how tall are your HR-60's? 
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The Osiris are no longer made so look for a used pair. Your wife should like the rounded compact look.
@mcondo  Just FYI this was the first pair on monitors I bought for a second system.  Although I found the stands to be build very well- heavy, tight, rigid, high quality materials, I am in no an expert nor do I have anything to compare them to so take my opinion as such.

Good Luck!
Thanks for the responses. Turns out ProAc works with a stand manufacturer in England - Atacama. I'm investigating but not confident there is distribution here in US, only Canada (maybe).