ProAc Ref 8 vs. 8 Signature vs 1S vs 1SC

Can anyone quickly tell me what the differences are and what would you suggest with a sweet 100W SS amp for a small room 11*13, preference given to thinner rather thicker midrange, bass extension beeing about the same I believe.
Bass response may be more room dependent than amplifier dependent. I use a Creek 5350SE and drive Von Schweikert VR-1s. I don't believe there will be much difference between the 85W/ch stated for the Creek and your goal of 100W/ch. The extra Watts would only be used at very high volumes. I like my Creek. It is very neutral and clean and is worth auditioning to see if it suits your taste.
Thanks but I believe you missed the point....I am asking to comment on the different ProAc models, not on amplifiers. Is my post confusing, sorry? Tks anyway!
Hi Fellow ProAc Tablette Lovers,

Hi Beheme - I know that this is a little off the mark. But this is something which I asked of other ProAc Tablette Owners @ Audioasylum. I hope that it helps?.

I'm forced to come to all of you in dire need of assistance regarding this matter. As someone whom has been in love iwth these Mini - Monitors since 1982 or therebout. I've always owned a pair of them alone with maybe one other pair as an alternate depending on the mood. Yet being someone whom started his quest being a Linnie and a Naim Audio NAIT Original to NAIT 3 followed by an Onix OA 21a with Soap 2 PS user by nature from 1985 till 2003. In an attempt to bring tube amps into my way of thinking as well as listening to Music around 1997 with the introduction into my system with a Presence Audio Linestage One Mk.2 with an Audio Prism Debut Mk.2 . This was followed by an Audion Sterling ESTE Integrated Tube Amp in 2000, at this point in my life as you might have already figured out by now?, my life was filled with either Chord Co Cables alone with Naim Audio NacA4 or NacA5 Loudspeaker Cables.

It wasn't until 2000 that I felt the need to replace my Cables with something better, as this was my first venture into the depht of Cables I'd listening to quite a few brands before buying into the Harmonic Technology Camp of Musicality. As this was also the first time in my life where I had felt the need to spend over $1000. to cable my entire system. I might add that I was more then shocked by the results overall and have continued using these Cables without having the need for replacing them, yet I've also managed to obtain extra Cables as a result of doing further listening to friends systems in their homes. This lead me to obtain interconnects like Alpha Core TQ2 and Purist Audio Design Museaus as means of altering the sound of my system again depending upon my mood more so then the Music itself.

My choice of LS Cables so far have only been either the use of Harmonic Technologies Pro 11 + or Discovery Cable 123 or older Sonoran Desert Cables Signature Mk.2 -
I'm again at a point in my life where I simply what to get the best possible sound from my speakers without losing the Magic which I believe they have become renowed for.

I'm looking for a sound which is agile, full in the midrange area and has the quickness of Nordost Vahalla LSCs wothout their leaness. I tend to adore my Music with a certain quickness and bass snap and agility without being slowed down in any manner due to said cables.

My reason for loving my ProAc Tablettes so much is due to the very fact that they alone with several other brands have always seem to communicate the inner most beauty of their mids far better then any larger floorstanding speakers I've heard to date with the possible exceptions of several speakers from Verity Audio - namely their Fidelio and Tamino which have been the only two speakers which I'ld consider owning if? I ever decided to move onto something larger, as these have been but 2 of the speakers that I've listened to in home and also the ones which have moved me more then others.

Anyway. I'm looking for the best options out there with your recommendations assisting me as narrowing down these choices.
So far I've been considering either Straightwire Maestro or Kimber Kable Monocle XL or Tara Labs Gen 2+ as the only other Cables I recall as being Musical during my quest earlier on in my research process.
So with that in mine, I know that as a collective whole you all can come together with some very sound options for me to consider. I just know that with the help of our Audio Community I can find the best choice to enhance my speakers and end this quest for perfection as that seems to be what this hobby is all about sometimes .........., an ongoing search that is!. I for one simply want to go into this upcoming New Year adding to my Music Collection knowing that I'm getting the best from my system and get away from pursuing the illusions of a higher fidelity which can be had within a certain pricepointe, yet many of us continue to make upgrades which if one ready things about it from time to time? are only lateral moves versus those of obtaining a better sound that what one might already have without seriously knowing it until it's gone. Hence my logic for seeking advice on LS Cables as I feel that the rest of my system has been chosen wisely with a sense of synergy as my only requirement to listen into the messages within reproduced recordings as a means to enjoy my life long love of Music - vs - that of the illusion of Hi Fi.

I await your recommendations and only wish to thank those whom respond to this in advance. I appreciate your heartfelt concern in this matter.

- Oscar
Hi again Emil,

[ Something else of possible interest? My Journey into Audio. - This is something which I've shared with Fellow Music Lovers @ ]

That's some journey which you've been on I must say. I came into this hobby by introduction of Jazz Listening with my Father every weekend, growing up in Canada in the 50 till 1973 was a time for one to find themself and it didn't take long before I found myself loving Jazz much like my Father, and started collecting Jazz Records in the Summer of '68 with what was then to become the first of my how 8951 LPs to date.

My father was the only person whom I knew at the time 1972 whom was into tube based electronics and owned a Garrard 301 TT w/ Decca Jubilee Cartridge and a ML Pre amp with 2 Leak Stereo 20 used as MonoBlocs driving a pair of Original Quad ESL 57s this was one of my first taste of what Tubes were. This prior to me coming to the states to visit my Mother whom couldn't understand the slower pace of the Canadians and their mindset for a more laid ~ back &~ peaceful way of Life. And seeked the more upscale nature of living her life in one of those happening cities @ the time in America.

Shortly there afterwards I found myself stuck here as I was to meet my future wife ~ Michelle. Shortly after we became married I joined the USMC and was stationed in Osaka,Japan for 9 years. This was to become an expeirence of a lifetime as it taught me more about respect for Human Life and Honor. It allowed me to find peace within oneself ~& to become in touch with all things as God had intended. I made friends with several Guys there whom were much into this then new to me Audiophile Thang if you will forgive the slang? ~ These Guys were able 24 years old and I found it strange that these Guys where still living @ home with their Parents. As in Western Culture one seems to strike out at an earlier age it would seem! Anyway upon visiting one of these Guys homes for the very first time, I couldn't help but notice a stack of records upon entering the livingspace, and as I turned left ~ I saw something which reminded me of my Fathers components yet for some reason they were something all together different. This was my first time ever listening to McIntosh or Quad II Tube Amps. as well as looking @ vintage Horn LoudSpeakers. The sound coming from this system was one of absolute refinement and had a sense of emotional flow to it. It's sound was so pure and natural as I at the time could only ease into the soundstage and forget everything else around me. Life was Beautiful. Jazz LPs were everywhere to be found and I quickly found myself going back and forth to the Record Store more then 5 times a day. Such was my new found addiction. Yet it would take more understanding of just what was happening to me as I found myself enjoying Music more then any other time in my entire life. For me Music became a source of more then just relaxation ~ it had become the very air that I breathed. This lesson taught me the importance of what Music should sound versus that as often mistaken by most American as Hi Fi which in reality much of what I've heard here isn't what I'd consider to be the least Musical @ all.

Upon returning to the States in 1982, I was visiting a local Hi Fi Salon and was listening to some then unknown to me electronics from a Company called Naim Audio from Salisbury,England. While listening their was this odd Yuppie type sitting in on my audition and shortly afterwards we simply started talking about the Sound which we were listening to and Music in general. He asked what I thought about what I was hearing? and I replied ~ It's a tad bit bright sounding overall, nut I love how it seperate each and every fragment and offers more texture to the Instruments and allows one to follow said texture throughout the recording. I told him I also notice that this system tends to show what's on the actual recording more then anything else that I had heard SS wise from any of the American Companies with the exception of Mark Levinson. We continued talking about Music for another 2 hours which I enjoyed sharing my points of views on what I'd heard during my time in Japan. Looking @ my watch and realising the time, as I was about to leave, he finally introduces himself as Bill Pre'fane and goes on to say I'm the owner of this store alone with several others in Michigan, and I think that you've a very good ear! would you consider a job as my primary buyer for said stores?.
This was something that @ the time I hadn't given much thought about seeming that I had just gotten home and was enjoying time with my Family. 3 weeks later he calls me and asks again, would you be interested in working for me?, And for me solely as you'll have an account sep up for you and you'll be able to travel abroard in search of better sounding electronics to introduce to our eclusive cliente. For whatever reason? I told him give me another week to think about it, as I wasn't certain this was something which I'd consider a career.

Long story somewhat shorter ~ I joined the firm in June of 1982. And as months went by I found myself more then a little bit happy, as I was able to travel to Germany, Scotland, England, France, Italy and to once again return to Japan. I was I believe the very first American to hear either the Marantz CD 94/DAC 94 - Meridian CDP - Celestion SL 6s - Pink Triangle TT - Townshend Rock Turntable &~ Cables and speakers - Micromega Trio ~ Duo and Solo Pro CDP and Transports - Roksan Xerxes &~ Its line of speakers - Exposure Electronics with a favorite being the XV Integrated Amp along with the soon to be released Naim Audio NAIT. This lead me to later hear such joys as Snell Model As ~& Model Js, Audio Innovations First &~ Second Amps alone with their Pre amps, Linn Sondek LP 12 &~ Linn Kans, Naim Audio NAC72/NAP 140 and 250 or 135s &~ SBLs, Ariston RD 80 ,Harbeth Hl -P3s. Neat Acoustics Petites. Later on Audio Note, CAT SL 1 Signature, Jadis Ja 30s, Avalon Acoustics Ascent Mk.2s, and so forth. I was bringing in items which actually were selling quite well. Is was responsible for finding new and unusal Records for our clients and found a source to supply us with the entire ECM - Steeplechase - East Wind - 3 Blind Mice and Opus 3 LPs.

Unfortunately, the store owners decided to close and change the locks on the doors of all 3 locations over a sunday while we were closed. Only to have us come back on Monday morning in total shock of being locked out. It was until 2 days later that one of the owners had the nerves to call any of us to report that they had decided to pursue interest through the internet. They had sold off the stores to another local Hi Fi store whom wanted to obtain our lines but couldn't ~ so they did the next best thing. THEY BROUGHT US OUT!. This was March 1992.

Fortunately for me @ least, I had made a many friends alone the way and one of my customers whom owned her own Publishing Company @ a local Magazine offered me a position with her firm as a Graphic Artist. She was ever considerate enough to pay for my schooling at a world renowed school here in Michigan called ~ Center for Creative Studies. As this school has students for all over America, it is considered by most as one of the finest. Any ways 4 years later, I'm still working at this firm and loving it.

I was making real money @ this point , far more then with the Audio Store, just a different vibe all together. And started buying things like Wadia WT - 3200 Transport w/ DAC 32X - A Presence Audio Linestage One with either A Cary Audio Sweet 807 or Audio Prism Debut driving ProAc Response One then One SCs. Cables from the likes of Straightwire - Apex - Music Metre - Sonoran. I've owned ProAc Tablettes in one form or another since '84 and have never considered replacing them as I've always known how to get the best out of them. I've also owned and loved toys like: Micromega Solo Pro - Meridian 206B Delta version - 2 Linn Sondek LP 12 [ Waste of Money ] - 2 Different Versions of Well Tempered Classic Turntables - Onix OA 21a w/ BWD 1 Tuner ~& Soap2 PS - Audio Innovations Series 500 or Series 700 -McCormack Focus and Prism Mk. 2 CDPs - about 5 different modified Philips CDPs - Pink Triangle TT - Two Anniversary turntable - Roksan Xerxes w/ Tabriz Zi and Corus Black - Harbeth LS 3/5A &~ HL - P3s - Neat Petites -Accuphase DP 55 &~ DP - 65V CDPs - more Naim Naits versions 2,3, 3R - ProAc Tablette Original '1984 version , Mk.2,Mk.3. 50 Signature. Reference 8 Signatures. Celestion SL 700s - Totem Model One Signatures. Densen DM 10 &~ Beat 100 - Oracle delphi Mk.3 w/ Sumiko Premeire FT 3 Tonearm and Lyra Beta.[ You get the ideal I trust?]

Since 2000 I've been downsizing my system as I began to appreciate a more Minimalistic approach to building a system with a sense of Synergy first ~& foremost as the most important traits to pursue this time around. I sold off the Presence Audio LS One w/ the Cary Sweet 807 and Audio Prism Debut ~ the Wadia combination ~ My older version of a Well Tempered Classic [ Sq. Motor Circa 1995 ]

~ Replacing everything with an Accuphase DP ~ 65V , Audion Sterling ESTE, ProAc Tablette 50 Sigs and Audio Physic Step 'SLE' Alpha Core/Goertz TQ2 and Python MI 1 LSC ~ Purist Audio Designs Museaus Cables and Harmonic Technology Truth - Link and Pro 11 + LSCs. VooDoo Power Cords Black and Silver Dragon, Naim CD5i, Cayin TA 30 Tube Int. Amp [ In 2003 - Mainly because it's good looks and finish matches well w/ the Accuphase DP - 65V ].
Sony SCD ~ 777ES [ this was my last purchase this March 2005]. Sound Anchors Custom Amp &~ LS Stands. TWEAKS, tweaks, and more tweaks. And NOS ECC82/12AU7s &~ ECC83/12AX7s from just about every maker known. Of late Tweaks ~ Tubes ~& Cables have become my source of interest. As I have come to a point where I simply want to buy more recordings no matter which format? and just Listen to Music 4 the sake of Music. As of to date I own again 8951 Jazz LPs, 2504 CDs and 263 SACDs. Nuff said. Oh, and a more upscale version of my beloved Well Tempered Classic w/ Black Arm &~ Platter with Marigo mods. That's my journey. And hopefully soon it shall end?. Yeah right.

Be well,
Oscar [ EL34EH ]
Hi again Beheme,

Sorry about that! It was meant to be my method of showing only just how much I seriously care about the Tablettes since 1982. It's just a prolonged version to your post, I just happen to be one of those long - winded people whom has a lot to say when it comes to these speakers and again meant no harm.

Yet - In reality I guess you could say without a doubt! I find the Tablette to be a better option. They just sound more energetic overall. More responsive to the inner most beauty of the Music, if you will. They just seem to have more to offer overall as they communicate what's on the actual recordings with a greater sense of truthfulness whereas the 1S or 1SCs offer more bass and are more refined. Yet to my ears they also come off as playing it a tad bit to safe. I only meant this as a means of sharing my views and beliefs. Sorry to have taken it to the extreme.

~ EL34EH
Hi Beheme,

No the thanks goes to you. I've also noticed your Audio Physic Yara Monitors FS. As I own a pair of their Step SLEs as an alternative sound to the Tablettes I might add that I love them both equally - Yet I know full well that each offers a somewhar different prespective of sound.

I've lived with both of them for around 4 years now. I'll never replace either of them anytime soon. But God knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Once I own either a pair of Focus Audio FS - 688s or Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors - I finished for life.

Enjoy your ProAcs as I do read between the lines quite well.
And enjoy the Labor Holiday as well.

- Oscar
I think ProAc monitors are a great choice for small rooms. And you can't really go wrong with any of the speakers you listed. If it was my money, I'd get the 8 Sigs over the Ref 8s, with the 1SC and 1S coming in 3rd and 4th. The above poster is right, the 1S series gives you more bass, but you lose some of the magic of the Sigs IMO. I'd say the 1SC has an extremely loyal niche following, but you'd have to listen to them to establish if you fit in that group and it's worth the extra money.

Both Ref speakers have a large soundstage, especially for monitors. And have a more natural sound than the 1S's., with the 8 Sigs having greater depth. I really think the phase plug gives you a more open sound as well. They also are a little more dynamic. Again, they both are amazing speakers for the price. If money is no object, I'd definitely get the Sigs. If you wanna save a few hundred, get the Ref 8s and don't think twice. You really can't go wrong either way.

I am also from Michigan, just outside of Detroit. What stores did you work for? I've been in every audio store in the area many times since 1979, it's possible we've met.

By the way, I first heard Tablettes in 1982 at a high end store in Farmington Hills and thought they were screechy and unlistenable. Same thing with the Sig version I home auditioned in 1997. Ended up with Resonse 2.5s for 7 years and loved every minute of them.
Tomryan, I am from Montreal and never worked in audio! Thanks for the advice, I have set my mind on the 1SC as I found a local pair at a real price and in the finish I wanted. I was set on the Sig 8 since they appeared to be a "better value" but could not find them locally and shipping/duties/paypal fees were pushing them close to the 1SC. They remind me somehow of my beloved Signums but with more bite and a more open sound. I like the ability to tone down the bass with the foam plugs, it helps on some recordings. Overall, they are a perfect fit for my small room. Tks to all.