ProAc Response D1

I'm interesting in this speaker for a small 2 channels system.
Did anyone here has demoed them and can give his impression on the sound?
How they do compared to their bigger brother-the ProAc D-2 or even compared to the legendary ProAc 1SC?

Thanx for the answers
I have listened to the d1 on a loan from a dealer. I have the 1sc. The sound was different, with my preference the 1sc. Whether it was the lack of a a break-in, or factory issues on the D1, I could not tell. When the price is right I will order from the UK and do a break in. Once I have about 500 hours on them, I will decide, and then sell off one of the pair.
Thank you Buconero117!
Can you please describe the different in sound between the two until now?
By the way,If you'll sell your D1 maybe i'll be very interesting to buy them!
I've listened extensively to the D1 through top of the line Sim electronics with Analysis Plus Oval 9 cabling and it is quite good. It disappears, vocals are great and it is dynamic within its physical bounds.

The D2 I've also listened to extensively and they are well worth the extra money. More relaxed than the D1 as it does not work as hard for dynamics or lower range. Vocals were more open, percussion less compressed.

Sometimes the D1 was simply overwhelmed with dynamics in a larger room. For nearfield listening the D1 is probably not stressed.
Thanx you too Celtic66.Your comment is very helpful for me!

My fear is that the bass from the D1 won't satisfied me.On the other side,my room is a little bit small so I hope I won't get too much of headroom from the walls if i'll get the D2 at the end-Big dilemma!
Not sure about the amp yet but for now a kept my eyes on the naim nait 5i. Probable it won't take the D2 for his limits but hope it could carry well with the D1.
Unfortunately,I can't get none of them for demo so I'm trying to get some opinion through others impressions.
I have found the D2 to be more relaxed, or better defined as not as resolving. They simply did not have the transparency that the D1s have. I actually preferred the D1 to the D2 for this reason. The D2 has more bass, but it is not like the D1 is really missing its bass either. The low end that does come out of the D1 is shocking given their size.
The D1 have the old Scan Speak 8513 (with some modification) that I'm quite familiar with and like it very much! That's probably be the reason for the changes in transparency,as the mid-bass for both speakers is same series (Seas Excel).
Also good to know that you've found the bass of the D1 great for it's size!
Buconero117, can you please tell us how the D1s and 1SCs differ? I would be very interested in your impressions. The people I have spoken to believe the new D1s are more accomplished all around with better bass and wider dynamics. Are you hearing something else?
Now I own a pair of these speakers. They take a very long time to break-in, probably over 60-80 hours, which is very surprising. They are begining to sound good and I'll post again soon.