Proac Tablette Ref 8 Sig Vs 1SC

Hi All,

Just your thoughts on what you think is a better speaker for this size room. 13.5ft x 13.5 ft x 9ft ceilings.

Music is mainly RnB, Reggae, Female Vocal, Soul.

Cables all Cardas Golden Reference and Preamp / Power amps are all tubed (Atma-Sphere).

Thanks for all your feed back.

I had Sig 8's they are much better sounding then the 1sc's. Much more resolving and open sounding. My room was 12x10x9 and with a good set of stands had plenty of bass for the type of music you are listening to..Good luck!
hi, i have owned both for r&b and reggae i dont like neither but the 1sc is far superior over the 8s no question. as far as vocals the 1sc is electrostatic sounding.
I think it's really a personal choice thing. I have read a lot of post saying people much prefer the sigs 8 and others say the 1sc?
Mark me down as someone who prefers the Proac Tablette Ref 8 Sig.(and I have heard both in my system) Perhaps it is just my preference, but there it is. Just one more vote!
Nice speaker...just a bit to forward in my system (all tubes).....Compared to the Dynaudio C5 its night and day in the favour of the C5. Then again it should be that way as they cost X10 as much here in Australia.

Found the Proac a bit to bright compared to the C5 which was a lot more neutral IMO. Midrange could not be matched compared to the C5...worlds apart. Then again the C5 is known to have one of the best mid range ever. No idea why Dynaudio discontined the midrange dome?

Thanks for all your help.

I owned several Proacs and while they were nice, they all had a tough bright spot to them.

My Dynaudio C5 killed them and most others speakers I've own, and I have now had my C5's for 7 years, wish I had more time to listen to them, but when I do they are so enjoyable, and that is with all type of music...just unreal.
No other speaker can mimic the Proac's character.
If you like them, you better choose among their family.
They favor Cardas speaker cables & valves (or Goldmund)!
So, you are allready in their field.
Congratulations for your amp. choice (only Lamm ML2 compares)!
I advise you to keep MA-2 even if you don't need it's power for now. Don't let it go, as it permits you to choose a wide range of speakers for future upgrades maybe in a bigger room.
Sorry I can't help you for Tablette Ref 8 Sig Vs 1SC dillema.
I owned the 5, 4, D38, D28. I love the Proac sound & I feel that it is impossible for someone to like both Proacs & something like Guarneri Hommage (I owned too). It is an analogy like between VDH Colibri & Koetsu Onyx. Strong characters indeed & personal preferances are rulling here.
If you adore the one, you are strongly dislike the other.

Something incredibly unique is the Transmission Audio M1i.
I wish you to give it a try. It is an unforgettable experience that makes any comparison a joke! (for my priorities of course).
I'm happy for your choises. Bravo!

Tried both the Ref 8 Sigs & 1SC in combination with my Sugden A21a - both a highly recommended combination by Sugden themselves. In the end if I had a small room I would easily take the Ref 8 Sigs, they did things with music that were downright spooky. I used them in combo with a Rel Strata III and the sound was some of the best I have heard. Unfortunatly, those little Proac drivers do not like high volume & heavy bass - both models tend to distort when the volume gets pushed.