Problems w/ Nitty Gritty RCM?

I was having a lot of trouble with surface noise on new vinyl. Before first playing my new LPs I was giving them a wash with my Nitty Gritty 1.5Fi, but I was still getting a lot of pops and clicks. In an attempt to discover the source of the problem, I stopped washing new records and just giving them a dry brush before first playing. This has reduced the surface noise quite a bit.

I'm wondering, is there something wrong with my Nitty Gritty, possibly something abrasive in the brush? Has anyone else experienced this?
In response to an email from a member asking me to list the records that I have had problems with, in the hope that some members have had similar surface noise problems and can identify them as bad pressings, here are some of the LP's that I cleaned with the RCM and experienced a lot of noise:

John Lennon - Imagine 180 gram
Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed 180 gram (import)
Billy Joel - The Stranger 180 gram
Bob Dylan - Time out of Mind

Sorry, I don't know who made the actual pressings, but if anyone knows any of these to be from particularly bad batches, that would be helpful.

Albums I've bought and have only cleaned with the brush that are nearly silent:
Flaming Lips - At War with the Mystics 180g
Flaming Lips - Soft Bulletin 180g
Sonny Rollins - Bluenote 1558 vol. 2 200g
Beck - Modern Guilt 180g
Apples in Stereo - Travelers in Space and Time 180g

I guess I should also point out that I'm not trying to blame my RCM for bad pressings. I realize that noisy records are out there. It's just there seems to be a correlation between cleaning and noise. But, as they say, correlation is not causality. What I'm really wondering is if anyone else has had similar problems with a newer model Nitty Gritty, so that I can hopefully either eliminate or identify it as the source of my problem. Thanks guys!
What fluid are you using with the machine? I had the exact problem you had. ecords were much noisier after the wash.
I've used Nitty Gritty machines since 1982 and NEVER experienced the issue you
described. I've used them on new records and used ones. I now clean them
with Last brushes and AIVS fluids (a three step process winding up with a rinse),
but even when I used one-step solutions there was never a case where the
cleaned record sounded worse than before it had been cleaned.
Genesis168 - I'm using the stock solution nitty gritty provides - Purifier 2. Are you using a Nitty Gritty?
Dopogue: If you have a sec, could you describe your cleaning process in a little detail. I'm interested in trying out some different combinations of cleaning methods. Thanks.
Gradys, as noted,I use the 3-step AIVS products (Enzymatic Formula followed by Super Cleaner Formula followed by Ultra-Pure Water) although I've been experimenting with Aquafina, as recommended by Michael Fremer of Stereophile, instead of the Ultra-Pure Water, and can't tell any difference.

This is with a completely manual RCM, by the way.

I prefer Last cleaning brushes, available many places at 10 for $30, and keep a separate one for each fluid. When they get dirty -- they're white, so it's easy to tell -- I just pitch them. I put a bead of fluid down each one before a cleaning session.

That's about it. I don't flood the records with fluid, for the simple reason that I don't want them to drip when flipping them over on the Nitty Gritty (actually, currently a Record Doctor III clone from Audio Advisor). Oh, and I reverse directions on the RCM with each fluid; it makes the velvet "lips" last a lot longer. Anything I've left out? Dave
Actually, It lasts years and years. I can't remember when I bought the current batch and tend mostly to replace only the first brush (for use with the Enzymatic Formula) rather than 3 at a time. I use a wire brush to remove contaminant from the Last brushes after they dry. I tend not to buy really filthy records although I do buy a lot of used ones.
I've used NG's Pure 2 since about 1986 - - for 20 years with a Nitty Gritty 2.5 and currently with a Loricraft PRC4. Never had any problems on either machine or with the fluid - - just great results.
My LPs had noise at the beginning of the first track. Try to rince with distilled water and the problem goes away. I had the NG2.5Fi and used disc doctor fluids.

I thought it was the felt lips and also changed them.
Gradys, I agree with Dopogue, in fact my cleaning regimen is mostly the same as his, though I use camel hair brushes mostly. I probably use a little more fluid than I need to - I am currently experimenting with using less and am not noticing a significant difference.