Problems with NAD Receivers????

I have an NAD T762 receiver with which I am having problems. The unit takes a few seconds to lock onto the digital sound of my satellite receiver when I change channels. Sometimes it never does. I have rumblings that many units are flawed in this way, but have not found any concrete evidence. Has anyone else had or heard of these problems? Any solutions (other than using the analog output ion the satellite receiver)?

Also, when I play a CD by using a digital output, the NAD receiver misses the first couple of seconds each song while it locks onto the digital signal. Is this common?

I have reset this unit a few times and these problems still occur.

Thanks, everyone!

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
Over the years I've owned a number of NAD components. Along with Cambridge Audio and a few others, they provide begining audiophile sound at a low price. The problem is to keep the price down NAD and Cambridge Audio have their stuff made for cheap in Asia and both companies quality control is poor.

I've had problems with units from both companies, particularly NAD. In one NAD receiver of mine just the LED readouts died making selecting a source or FM tuning a challenge. Good luck with your unit. Hopefully NAD can fix it.
If all the channels work, consider yourself lucky...

Former NAD owner
I am a former NAD 762 receiver owner, first one had an intermittent center channel which required a battle with NAD to replace (in warranty). The replacement never could reliably save the settings. I couldn't sell it in good conscience so I gave it away. I'll never buy NAD again.

I can't answer your question on your sat reciever but the issue concerning cd play back is common. I've read many posts on different forums all complaining the signal dropout when using a digital connection. When I bought mine this was no concern to me as I planned to use the analog connections.

I at first bought the T762 and a C541i because both had HDCD decoding, but have found other formats such as XRCD,K2 and RVG edition disc's to be quite good. Besides my new CDP JoLida 100 does not have HDCD.

Good Luck
I have a NAD T752. It has software version 2 or greater and I haven't had any of the experiences listed above. These NAD receivers have very warm sounds and terrific punch where you need it. I guess I'm one lucky happy camper.