Productive threads vs. contentious replies, .....a numbers game or,...

I have been on this forum since the early days of Arnie.  A theme from many has been members with a lack of audiophile thoughts in starting productive threads, vs what seems to be a hobby of contentious replies.  If you run into replies that are simply an extension of an ego, look up that member.....their pattern will be obvious....10 or 20 threads started and a few hundred replies..   This should be interesting. 

Some website chat rooms are bland love fests, some are exercises in machismo, and some are genuinely engaged, wide ranging, thoughtful and lively. I enjoy them all. And oh yeah...  My ears are much better than any of yours!!!!

508 posts ....well if your ears are that good, I have a near mint set of "Thunder Lizard 2000s" I can sell you cheap (the ones with the 8 inch woofer).  Only used by a little old lady to listen to her Captain and Toenail LPs after she got home from church in Pasadena.....and I can throw in some state of the art "speaker wire" I got at the local even has one copper and one steel lead so even an idiot can connect things "in phase".   Watch for my BIC turntable listing next week, with a Shure M-93ed cartridge that hasn't had too much use in the last 30+ years, I realized that I should get rid of the turntable as 8-track tapes dominate most of my listening time.

My mother in law heard we like NOS, so she cornered the market on 3 day old donuts

stop by y’all 
Hope your'e not basing this on my many, many, many Ginger VS Mary Ann posts...

I am not sure if the "Ginger vs. Mary Ann" question will ever be resolved.