Project Debut Carbon EVO vs. Technics SL-1500C vs Technics SL-1210GR


I'm not wealthy, but I would like to get  back into vinyl .  Is there a major difference difference between these models? 

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Check back Jan 1st, 2023.

Yes, there are big differences and the SL1200GR is by far the best choice, in my opinion.


I'm on a budget, but if I had to I could probably stretch and get the GR.  Is it really that much better?

Crutchfield has the 1500 as "the best of 2023"


Crutchfield is a seller. You’ll be fine with any of the 3. You asked which is best, and I offered only an opinion.

I doubt you would go wrong with the 1500C! The auto lift is a nice feature. Here is a review!


Hi JJ -


You may want to start with this discussion.

I own both the Technics 1200 and 1500.  Both are Direct Drive TTs, which I prefer. 

The 1500 is an all in one solution.  Open the box, connect your cables, and you are up and running in 30 minutes.   The others are a little more work.

So read on and ask your questions ...



Spend the most you can now. It will save you losing funds when you inevitably upgrade in the near future.

Yes the GR is several steps better than the others. Stretch to get it and it may be your last turntable. It's that good. The GR is made in Japan so you're pretty much guaranteed a high level build quality...I believe the 1500 is assembled in Malaysia as a concession to hit a price point.


I have all the turntable you mention in the shop andi did several comparison with customers. As other already said, there is quite a difference between the Technics SL1500 and the SL1200GR, the last one being the better but for sure the SL1500 is a Good package if you are interested in its features. I will add to the table the Rega Planar 3 and Planar 6 that at least here in Italy are on the same price range as the two Technics and are the one I will choose for me.


If it matters,both tables are made in Malaysia!

WebBoth the 1200G and the 1200GR were made in Japan until the spring/summer of 2021 when Panasonic moved all of it’s turntable production to Malaysia. So G’s and GR’s before that are made in Japan, and all after that are made in Malaysia.

Technics current offerings are all wonderful at their respective price points.  The economy of scale and R&D that firm has dwarfs many other manufacturers. No disrespect intended to other makes (many are great too). But if I were you, I'd go Technics.  The build quality is really something, parts are always available, reliability is nearly unparalleled, and sound quality is super. 

@jbhiller I agree on how the Technics looks but Rega tables are very reliable and simpler to repair in case of need. The Technics tonearm is not bad but the Rega is much better imho

@katylied , that may be true. I loved Rega tables. I don't own one anymore because I thought they sounded dry--but that's just me.  The OP cannot go wrong with the suggestions here.

Rega tables are very easy to set up.  Plenty of parts. Arms are ubiquitous in the marketplace. 

As all have noted, these are all decent choices.  I started with the ProJect EVO but then got the itch to try out cartridges and the EVO was a pain to swap carts.  I traded in the EVO and upgraded to the 1500 and then got a 1200. Very happy with both Technics TT.  Solid build and I can move between MM and MC carts easily.