Pros / Cons of Vacuum Option - Basis Debut V

Am looking at a Basis Debut V table which happens to have the vacuum feature. The majority of lps I play are newer and in excellent condition, many audiophile. Does the vacuum improve the playback of perfect, flat 180g discs ?
Any technical related problems or sound degredation with the the vacuum ? Thanks for your help.
The vacuum option is a nice feature. I'd go with it and never look back. I believe that it makes a BIG difference for all records, both new and old. There are no cons of which I am aware.

The only suggestion I'd offer is to put the vacuum unit in a closet or adjacent room, and use a long run of tubing into your listening room. The motor is very quiet, but for a few dollars of tubing, you can completely eliminate it from your room.
I agree with Gthrush1. I recently had my Ovation given the Debut platter/bearing/vacuum upgrade, and it is very much worth it. Playing records with my old Basis clamp and without the vacuum is not nearly as good as with the vacuum--the background is just plain blacker, the soundstage a little better, dynamics better. And he's right, the exhaust from the pump is what causes the noise, just get enough tubing to take it out of earshot (I run mine though a hole in the floor to the basement). Go for it, you won't regret it.
I agree with the above posts. Although the records appear flat, I am sure they are not. I would bet the vacuum would improve your sonics quite a bit.
I too owned the Basis Debut V with vacuum, and would not consider it any other way. If you wish additional improvement, go with the Walker motor controller, it is an astounding improvement.
I bought a 2800 because of the vacuum. Ths suspension and the vacuum put you in heaven. You must have the other equipment to resolve the nuances it can bring you. You will be shocked what matching and tweaking can do.Any weak link can negate the outstanding resolution of the Basis. I found phono cable and proper setup to me a must. If you have the patience you can enter analog heaven with the vacuum.
I own this Debut V with vacuum and I like it very much. I think, there is an improvement with vacuum, because there is always a record which is not really in great condition.
I can't say it is the best sounding table in the world, for this are a few experts here, but I can say
I use it very often,
it works always ( this is something were everyone has it's own priorities , when you LOVE tweaking and turning and whatever, go for something different ),
it sounds really fine and I use my dCS combination not so much because it is frustrating to hear the differences so much.

When you can afford it, buy it with the vacuum option, the money is not wasted.