PS Audio Premier

Hi All
I recently purchased a PS Audio Power Plant Premier for my system. I have 2 dedicated lines, and until now, have been using a Power Wing AC Conditioner. I was immediately floored by the increase in mid-range transparency, and the tightening, and strengthening of the bass. Initially, I had the Premier on a middle shelf in my rack, just above the amplifier (EAR 890). There was obviously too much heat for the Premier, as the fan was on constantly. I moved it to the side of the rack, where it was completely exposed, and raised it up on some Walker cones to increase ventilation under the unit. This helped, but the fan was still going on every minute for a period of 30 seconds. I contacted PS Audio, and they suggested that I was placing too much of a load on the Premier, and perhaps I should try a 2nd unit to split the load. I did, and now I have one amp, and preamp in one Premier, and another amp, CD player, and Turntable power supply in another.
Again this has helped, but I now have two fans going off and on every 3 or 4 minutes. At moderate levels, I don't hear the fans, but during quieter passages, it is very obvious.
Have other Premier ownwers had this problem? I'm considering getting a few ultra quiet computer fans to run over the top of the units. Do you think these could be quiet enough, and still be effective?
I absolutely love what the Premier has done for my system. The sonic benefits, the protection, and the consistency of the AC that it gives are absolutely fantastic. I just don't know if I can live with this fan going on and off.
I'd love to hear from other Premier owners regarding this issue.
I experienced the same issue,and received the same answer
from PS Audio.In my case,I have no problem with amps and front end,but when I hooked up my plasma and playstation
3...the fans came on often(too much load).I am now contemplating getting another PPP for the video,or another unit without fans.To me,this is a fantastic product,but the only problem is the fans,as you mentioned during quiet passages it just spoils the experience.
i think there might be a problem i have had no problems like yours with mine the fan does come on but not very often. i have my plasma tv. pre-amp, and my cd player plugged into mine. at 900 watts a side unfortunatly i cant plugg my amps into it.
Wow, it's really amazing PS Audio Power Plants still are subject to the problem of fan noise. I wonder if they are still using the same cheap fans they used on previous Power Plants. If they are the same 80mm computer fans they used in the past, you might be able to replace them with a higher quality quieter fan. I replaced the fan in my P300 with a fan I bought from and the noise issue was greatly reduced. Their 80mm Nexus fan is quite a bit quieter than the stock P300 fan, but I can still barely hear it in an otherwise completely quiet room from about 10 feet away.
Consider plugging your amps direct to the wall, you may find your amps sound better this way. Many have confirmed this with most conditioners/regenerators. I had two Premiers also and tried solid state and tube amps, in both cases the amps sounded better direct to the wall. My sources do sound better direct to the Premier though.
Or you could think about an Exactpower EP-15A. Higher capacity (1100-1300W continuous) than the PPP and no fans (because they don't need them ;-)
I have had the same problem with my P300. The easiest and cheapest solution is to replace those fans. If you go to the computer shop, you may get fans that generate as low as 7dB of noise. They cost about 15-20$ each.
I agree with Jsawhitlock. I have a Premier and my solid state integrated sounded best direct to the wall rather than to the Premier. My sources are all that's connected to the Premier. I've never had fan problems even when I had all my gear connected to the unit. That being the case, since you have fans running consistently which is likely the result of overloading your Premiers, try connecting your amps to the mains thus reducing the load on each Premier. That should eliminate the fans from coming on and the resulting sonic improvement from your amps going direct to the wall should be evident. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of the Premier on your sources and power supply and the sonic benefits of having your amps direct to your dedicated AC. To me this is your best solution. You can actually sell one of your Premiers. You'll only need one by disconnecting those amps.
I just purchased a PPP last week and have not experienced any fan noise at all--------
The weak point of the Premier, IMO, is the nickel plated Decora-style outlets. I am unaware of any Decora-style audiophile outlets to replace them with. I understand there are other nickel plated parts in the Premier as well. Power Ports are not the best outlets. Still, for most of my system, the Premier is a net improvement. My APL NWO sounds better direct to the wall or through the $500 single outlet Audience unit than plugged into the Premier.

BTW, I find the Premier is an improvement over the EP 15A. I have never heard the fan go on but my typical load is only 300-400 watts.

Thanks to all for your responses. I find it confusing that some of us have had issues with the fan, and others have never had it come on.
Jsaw, and Foster -
I have had my amps plugged directly into dedicated circuits, and had them running through the Power Wing as well. They have never sounded as good as they do through the Premier. This is my problem. I don't want to give up on this.
Carl, something to try is plug each amp into your dedicated lines and use the existing wall outlets (non dedicated lines) in the room for the Premiers. if this improves things consider running a third dedicated line for the Premiers. With only two lines you either plug an amp and a Premier into a dedicated line or the amps share a dedicated line.
So replace the fans. This was a 5 min job o the P300 - shouldn't take much longer on the Premier.
i hope you guys with p-300 are not comparing it with the preimer. i owned a p-300 before i had a premier. while the p-300 does a very good job you can not compare it to the premier. the premier is a totally different machine and performs far above the p-300
Well, if your amps sound best plugged into the Premier then you may have to replace the fans. I'm not a hands on type so I would not venture this. But, it sounds like it's not too difficult. I don't blame you in wanting to stick with the configuration you have to achieve the best sound. I wish the Premier had improved the sound of my integrated. But as in each system, our unique cables, ac, and gear, affect the synergy and alter the results we receive.
The PPP is good up to 1500W which is better than the Exactpower unit. Plus it has 10 outlets vs. Exactpower's 8.

I run my entire system on the PPP and have no fan noice at all.
The PPP provides "up to" 1500W downhill with a tailwind, meaning at a wall supply of 125VAC (PS Audio doesn't really publish full specs.) When you have time, read this page:
In the meantime this excerpt explains why even big amps actually sound better with an EP-15A than plugged into the wall:
"In fact, when such sags are severe, the unit can supply over 7,000 watts of power for 10ms (over half a cycle at 60Hz) and 5,000 watts for a full cycle at 60Hz. The reserve energy is sufficient to supply its full 1,500 watts rated output for 50ms or 3 full cycles at 60Hz. Even longer term sags or “brownouts” can be corrected as long as the incoming voltage doesn’t fall below 90 volts."

So in fact the PPP cannot match the EP's capability, which BTW is achieved without fan cooling. Why do you think they cost more? Why do you think everyone, including PS Audio, has been trying to find a legal workaround to their patents?