pure ipod dock

I have to tell you this dock is absolutely great. After 3 days it gets better and the built-in dac pretty dam good. Makes my ipod a new source in the living room. Even in the he-man room not too shabby. Also bypassing the internal dac and using an ACK or any non over sampling dac I had it sounded better. Plugging into a linn sc player sounded very good and so easy to use . The video output is very cool, a great extra. I never though I would say it but at $100 it rocks blows the I 70 out of the water. A keeper
i got mine with free shipping from georgia. the georgia in north america. pure.com. 99 bucks and 2 days it was here deep in the ozarks.
pure.com/us/ . then look for the crossbar with products, store etc. i bet you can have one working in your system by tue or wed.
This looks like the real deal. Digital out, a built in DAC that punishes the sound of a typical docked Ipod, looks cool and costs about a third of the new Wadia. I want one!
This is the best $100 I spent in years, except the fisher 500 I bought with 3 extra sets of brand new factory tubes for $40 at a garage sale. The video output is great too