Puron AC Power Conditioner really....

works! Holy $hi#! This thing actually works! @shkong78 this thing is legit. As someone who has posted asking for help trying to get rid of very low-level buzz and trying everything (from 10 db attenuators to unplugging everything and cheater plugs) with nothing even making a slight dent (I ended up getting a different processor which eliminated the buzz but I have always had slight hiss). I came across the thread on the Puron and decided why not? The funny thing is I had just ordered the ifI and got that first. Plugged the ifI into my Furman Elite 20pfi and no change. Not a big deal as once the low level buzz went away with my previous processor I was back to my easily-livable-with very slight hiss. So, I got the Puron a couple of days later and plugged into my Furman (outlet right before my Audiocontrol Processor) and much to my AMAZEMENT the hiss was literally (very conservatively) 75% reduced (no scientific measurements just a true ear level ballpark estimate). It is now barely audible and without touching ear to tweet you cannot hear a thing. Blackest/quietest background I have ever had in my system. No exaggeration man this thing is the real deal. And everything just sounds more natural for lack of a better word. Cannot explain and I am no expert reviewer I just know what I heard before and what I hear (and do not hear) now, and the difference is absolutely audible (I'm sure measurable as well). 


Knowing how common background noise is and how near impossible it is to get rid of it completely, nothing to lose by trying this product. Just to be clear it didn't eliminate it 100%, but it did cut the hiss down by at least 75%. Crazy man.


Less is so much more is how I would sum up the Puron. And the cost is peanuts compared to so many other tweaks I've tried in the past with little to no difference. Also HUGE shout out to Mark at verifiaudio. Some of the best customer service I have received. Both before, all during, and after the sale. 




It is good to hear your wonderful experience.


I did not have much problem with hiss and noise.


But Puron still improve the sound by making bass tighter and overall soundstage more clear.




Thank you for taking the time to post your thoughts on  Puron. Just really happy this product made such a positive impact.

We encourage people to Try It – we have a great deal of confidence in the results that can be achieved.



As well, big thanks to you for your initial post and further comments.


Best wishes





Listened to Freddie Hubbard "Red Clay" album on Sunday.....Horn was a little "brittle" on track one on my new Maggies ( LRS+..)..decided to open the box on my new PURON and I plugged it into the same outlet that my Audioquest Powerquest 2 is plugged into......played the first track again and almost fell over....Now Freddie sounded like a real horn was in my living room...Not Bright or brittle.Definitely sounds more "Musical" with the Puron...... This is a great product. Thanks, Mark.


Where did you use them in your system? Did they play well with the High Fidelity products?

Many thanks mbmi


Same re ozzy on his updated review


Nice to read all of this





I confirmed with Sudkee today that 25 more Puron will be on the way in 7 to 10 days.

I have 9 already spoken for -

If interested – send your name to me at the e-mail below

I hope to have a Dealer Account opened by tomorrow.

All Puron sales are covered by a 30 day No Questions Asked Guarantee.


Send your name to get on the list.


No money exchanges hands until we ship






Hi Mark,

Thanks for answering my questions earlier this week and also talking about the DC blocker.  I do have a follow up question.  Have you had any actually return a Puron during the 30 day trial period?



I regularly look for and read the various posts that appear on Audiogon and especially those posts that report the experiences members have had with various types of audio tweaks. It seems that it is somewhat the nature of this hobby to continually look for ways to improve our systems and I also do so. For the most part my experience with tweaks has ended in disappointment - they generally don’t work at all and/or -at best- they don’t work well and I end up being embarrassed that I put the thing in my system. Recently there has been considerable attention paid to an A/C purifier/conditioner product referred to as a Puron line conditioner and the audio improvement posters have reported. There is considerable discussion these days on the negative effects electrical interference can have on our audio equipment. Out of sheer curiosity I decided to order one of these products from the distributor, (verafiaudiollc@gmail.com), on the condition it could be returned. Much to my surprise, and absolutely contrary to my experience with other like products, this thing really does work. Like almost every audio product, its effect is system dependent but at least in my system the effect is positive and quite noticeably so. I am still skeptical of most tweaks but I do believe this product may be an exception to the normal run of the mill.

So there is no misunderstanding I have no interest -financial or in any other way- in this product and I am seeking only to share an audio experience.

P. Miller


My curiosity got the better of me so I ordered 2 of the Puron AC Conditioners.

‘From what I have been reading it almost seems to good to be true. I won’t get my hopes high but I’m very opened minded. I have a very good electrical system feeding my house. Hopefully I’m pleasantly surprised.

I sent Mark a email and he responded back within minutes. After I placed my order he called me to introduce himself. So far Great service. 
I look forward to hearing these devices.

Joe Nies

@joenies yup. And that’s how all good things begin.

It works incredibly for video TV too. 


  I see you mentioned the sound became more natural with the Purons in the system. I used that same description  in the other forum topic. I found better detail as well without any harshness . Bass was better too.

  I found the background also as you described black. Quite amazing. I have had the Purons for 2 weeks, very impressive impressive product. I even have a better picture on my Sony 325 es 4 K projector. 



In an ideal world, it would be great to have some database on what accessories work instead of having to dig for it.


Somehow, I missed this post above

We are working on a database for known products that play well with Puron 

This is sort of a list of what we know our end users are using WITH Puron successfully

Purons are at the ready for the Holiday

Thanks - Mark 


It seems like There are a number of these devices being offered (not just Puron) and while I haven’t heard the Puron I can tell you that I purchased a similar device (same amount of $ too) and it made absolutely zero difference.  Hate to repeat the old adage but it really does apply here.


Appreciate your post - 

Perhaps you might want to try Puron and find out why Puron is different. 

Very large install base that finds Puron beneficial 

I too hate to repeat the old adage 

Please let me know. We have good inventory of all variants and glad to let you listen for yourself. 

They only way one can know is to listen - THEN, you can say for sure. Puron does not work like the other three or four plug in conditioners (to the very best of my understanding). 

Feel free to contact. 

Thanks - Mark