QUAD 2905 . humidity and reliability

Does anyone have any advise regarding if there is any issues using quads in a humid enviroment also would you say that the current models should be reliable, as to not need any servicing for at least some 5 yrs.
I always seemed to have some issues with electrostatics over time even in an environment with low humidity. I would eventually hear some rattling from the panel on certain frequencies. This has happened on Quad 63's, Logans, Acoustats, etc. After a while, I would listen for the rattle instead of enjoying the music. Based on reading various reviews over the years (since the 70's), I was led to believe that Electrostatic panels were the way to go sonically. However, I have learned over the years not to take too much stock in what you read. To my (experienced)ears, great dynamic speakers sound much more real than great Electrostatics, with far more reliability. I will say however that Maggies seem to be very reliable, the problem being their overall sound.
How can anyone answer your reliability question? They haven't been around for 5 years.
The QUADS were designed in England! You don't get a much more humid enviroment than that! QUADs of all vintages are usually good for 20 years if not abused. My friend repairs them and has done both 63's and ESL57's.
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Which country are you in? Here Singapore, humidity runs at around 85%-90%. It is not kind to electrostatics. Martin Logans are especially susceptible, as the panels are exposed. Quads and Acoustats seem to be a little more resilient, due to the dust-covers I suppose.

Running Martin Logans here means you have to be prepared to change panels once a year. Even the sound changes depending on the humidity levels. They sound better when humidity is low, and become rolled off as humidity rises.

I love 'stats but I would never buy another pair unless I moved to another country with a dryer climate.

Another no-no for humid places is drivers with foam surrounds. They rot and crumble after 4-5 years. Even sneakers and sports shoes suffer the same fate!

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You need to use them in an air conditioned room.My last pair lasted 12 years before rebuild.I have heard Dynamic speakers in the over $50 grand price range and none of them have the accuracy and precision like the Quads.The only thing that can compare is,"live music".
I agree with what you say about 'stats'. I used to own Acoustat 3's with the C mods. After a couple of years near the ocean in California, they were popping and having other issues. I sold them and went into dynamics and never looked back.
BTW, I also owned prior to the stats a pair of Maggie 1c's, which I actually preferred to the Acoustats. Nonetheless, neither have the palp factor of a good pair of dynamics, again IMHO.
I live in New Delhi, India, where the humidity levels during the monsoons tend to be high. I have owned a pair of ML Odysseys for a year and a half and a pair of Quad 2905s for the past six months. The secret is air con.Have experienced more problems with dust(with the MLs)than any humidity issue. In all fairness must point out that summers are very dry with temps in excess of 45 deg celsius!!NJoy