Question for ARC aficionados

Thinking of "downsizing" my system. I currently have an ARC LS15 and a VT100 mkii. My question is: What would I be giving up sonically(other than 3 db of headroom) if I replaced my current ARC pair with a VSi60 ? My speakers are Acoustic Zen Adagio. My room is about 15x20x9. I do not listen at ear splitting levels.
I would think you would "gain" from the newer technology that ARC is incorporating. MHO of course.
Read the ARC VSi60 review in this months (Sept) Stereophile by Robert Reina.
He gushes all over the VSi60 saying stuff like "....cut from the same cloth as the Ref 110", and more. He can`t stop drooling over it!
You would be giving up a heckuva combo.For what?One box?Tough call,YMMV,Bob
You will be gaining!
I had a ls26 with a pair of Manley Snappers,and also tried a VT100mkiii
I like my VSI60 much better.
Great bass,incredible soundstage,etc.
Efner, your response is quite intriquing. I am considering downsizing because the VT100 mkii is quite expensive to re-tube and somewhat difficult to adjust balance and bias. It is also quite heavy and puts our lots of heat. I'm looking for something smaller, lighter, and easier to live with. When I saw the Stereophile review on the VSi60, it got me to thinking. My only question then was, "would I be giving up anything sonically ?" Maybe the answer is "no".
Has anybody else out there made the switch "down" in the ARC line? thanks for all your answers.
The spec's on the vsi55 and vsi60 seem identical. Did that much change in the two amps or is this the usual (and probably justified) need to make a few changes and increase to cover the costs of business. For instance the optional tube cage was $200, now $500. Maybe it's not the ugly perforated on anymore...

I ask because I heard the vs55 next to the newer 60 and couldn't make out any differences. Even as ARC web literature goes they typically go on and on about how the new version kills the prior, but no mention of this either.

Not knocking ARC, love the company, just looking for answers.
I'm not a technical guy,as I understand it one of the big knocks on the vsi50 was bass control I was assured by both Dave Gorden of ARC and others who had heard the vsi60 that this was no longer an issue,and that in fact the vsi 60 has a great low end.I took a leap of faith and could not be happier.My speakers are the new Gallo 3.5 and I can play them as loud as I can stand it with no discernable distotion.
I'm delighted.
Thanks for all the input. I think I will look into this further. I'll try to find one I can demo at home, or possibly find a used one. Thanks again. --MABonn
I did own a Vsi55 at one time and was very impressed. It had a spooky holographic quality to it. I thought it had great bass but lacked slightly in soundstage and a tad in the midrange weight compared to the VAC Avatar I went to. Maybe this was speaker synergy or setup, not sure.

I am adding a vs55 to another system to try for a while. I can report back if anyone is interested.
I live in albany ,ny If your anywhere near by.
Your welcome to come listen any time.
Efner - Thanks for the offer. However, I live in Carlsbad, CA (near San Diego). Thanks again --Matt
Back again 3 years later. I still have not "downsized", but am thinking about it again. Has anyone compared the ARC VSi60 to the new Prima Luna Dialogue Premium integrated amplifier ? Thanks