Question re Celtic/Irish/Chieftains music

This is a question for someone knowledgeable about Celtic/Irish toe-tappin' music of the kind played by The Chieftains. If you could have only one or two CDs of this music, the absolutely indispensable, desert-island choices you couldn't live without, what would they be? (And of course it would be nice if they were well engineered and had great sound.) Thanks.
the cheiftains own, 'tears of stone'


loreena mckennitt's 'live in paris and tornoto'

would be my two keepers in this general genre...
I only have two celtic-type cd's. One that I really get a lot of enjoyment out of is entitled "Putumayo Presents Celtic Tides, A Musical Odyssey." A collection of celtic artists I purchased from a Coldwater Creek clothing store.

I hope you don't stop at two. I've been smitten by Irish music for tha last couple of years, and have been adding to my collection about 1 out of 5 purchases since. One two-disc set I particularly enjoy is "Joyful Noise," it is a collection of artists on the Green Linnet label GLCD108.
The Putumayo collection is really nice. They also have a collection called Women of the World Celtic that is great. Also worth listening to is most anything from the band Solis, especially releases before their most recent release. I seem to remember that Enya was a vocalist with them (could be wrong). Try Clannard too.
I prefer woman vocal celtic as you can see.
Eddaytona, yes The Putumayo disc is a really nice collection. One track in particular that's kinda' cute is track 10. It's almost a Celtic-rap sound, if you can imagine that. :) Not that I care for rap of course but certainly different.

Mfkeleher, I have every intention to build a Celtic music collection some day.

Eddaytona, that disc is by the band Solas, it is a 1996 issue on Shanachie, number 78002. You are dead right, it is terrific. I second the Chieftains' "Tears of Stone" ; although IMHO it has low points, the high points more than make up for them. Loreena McKennitt's discs are all good to my ears. And the band I like best for anything Irish is from Quebec and is called La Bottine Souriante. This is not Celtic in the New Age sense, it is Celtic in the folk tradition sense and boy can these guys play like the devil.
Lorin Grean, Spinning Gold. This CD has the largest soundstage of any in my collection. Great voice.
Well this is a little to the left of traditional Celtic but if you like rock and celtic influence try the Waterboys. I think Fisherman's Blues is a great album. One side primarily more of a rock influence and one side more "traditional". Also, I just gotta mention Van Morrison.

Have Fun.
This link may be helpful too:
I like a Scottish group: "Ossian" (pronounced osh-an).
Their "Borders" album is very authentic and "peaty".
How could a thread about "Celtic" / "Irish" influenced music not include at least a mention of The Pogues ?!?!?! Not exactly as mellow as the The Chieftains, but highly enjoyable none the less. If you don't mind knockin' a few brews back and getting smacked in the head with a shillelagh for dancing on the tables and kicking full stein's of beer off the bar, this is the band for you : ) Sean

PS... Elvis Costello just divorced Kate O'Riordan of The Pogues so that he could marry Diana Krall.

PPS... The Pogues is short for "Pogue Ma'Hone", which is Gaelic for "kiss my ass". That should give you a clue as to what most of their music is like i.e. full of spunk and contempt fueled by a few "cocktails" : )
This covers a wide range of music as the list above indicates.
One decent compilation that covers everything from traditional jigs and reels to contemporary songwriting and the link to American artists is Bringing It All Back Home from 1991-I'm not sure it is in still in print.
might give natalie macmaster some listening time. kurt
Speaking of Irish/Celtic music, get Great Big Sea "Sea of No Cares," you won't regret it!
Good call! Also recommend GBS "Road Rage". Live recording of a Great Big Sea tour of Canada.
I'd suggest,Bringing it All back Home.Stunning recording and an excellent line up.
Davy Spillane--Atlantic Bridge.
Christy Moore ---Live at the Point. This is an all time fave. Christy is huge in Ireland and should be here to. It's not in the Cheiftan's style but is Irish music at it's best.One of the best live recordings ever. Even on CD.
Loreena McKennitt "Parallel Dreams", Connie Dover "If Ever I Should Return", Donal Lunny "Journey", Rob Roy Sountrack, Altan, Capercaillie and older Clannad (pre synth). Those should push you in the right direction.
try listening to the thistle and shamrock program on public radio. On the web I know it is on sunday afternoons at

I think this program plays everything but the artists mentioned in this thread. It is well worth the listen