Questions about Resolving Systems

I know this will be subjective but what makes a resolving system?

Does it mean it has great detail?

How do you know if you have a resolving system?

Is that only for system that employ high end components?

I am just trying to get a better understanding.



the answer is, It’s different for different people....To each their own.

There's no overlap? Nothing to share, then? It's all so subjective that there are no common rules of thumb? We wouldn't have a hobby or be able to have a disagreement if that was true. 

The underlying message of "to each his own" is -- why bother? That's an escape hatch to having the conversation, but it's not an answer to the conversation. We are far more similar than we think.

I’ve been thinking about the word "resolving" and had a visual experience that inspired me. I was sitting at a stop light with a freight truck in front of me. It had a round tail light composed of an array of little red LEDs in what looked like an even pattern. I peered over my glasses and saw the LED array out of focus and noticed something I could not easily detect when they were in focus - they were not evenly spaced apart, but were grouped into sub arrays that created a flower petal effect. The blurry vision revealed the subtle spacing differences that were harder to see with sharper focus, which just made all the spaces look relatively large compared to the size of each LED element.

I created the attached image to try to demonstrate the effect. I’m not sure how exactly this applies to audio but I suspect it does. Some systems may reveal things that weren’t intended to be revealed while simultaneously obscuring things that should be revealed.

By sacrificing the contrast of each individual dot by adding a blurry halo around it I'm simultaneously adding an increased contrast of the distance between the dots.

A system that reveals as much of the recorded information as possible. The trick being leaving the music to sound proportionally correct. Not sure soundstage comes to mind as it is contrived but harmonics, tone of instruments, vocal pitch etc 

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Hope that helps - Steve


My very affordable $300 mini system also sounds pretty amazing

Okay, I gotta ask what is it???