your favorite violin or fiddle cuts, and why?

There are so many titles out there, and without buying them all, this is the best place for advice. thanks
Regina Carter is truly amazing.
My favorite though is a SONY/Dreyfus import from Didier Lockwood called "Tribute to Stephane Grapelli" from 2000.
The slow(second) movement from the JS Bach Concerto for Two Violins in d minor.
Khachaturian Vioin Concerto, for classical.
Scarlet Rivera for popular/ethnic.
The violin passages in Vaughn Williams' "The Lark Ascending" and Rimsky–Korsakov's "Sherazade" are truly beautiful pieces. They take me away every time I hear them. Cheers, Lee
Itzhak Perlman...My Favourite Kreisler...EMI7474672. Virtuoso performances of encore compositions by a virtuoso violinist. What more could you ask?
"Catfish" by Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown. I LOVE this track; no one can swing any harder than Gate!
Ric Sanders Group in Lincoln Cathedral. You will be hearing about this artist very soon!! The group's repertoire is drawn from the work of composers including Chick Corea, George Gershwin, Duke Ellington, Joe Zawinul, Miles Davis, Stephane Grappelli, Django Reinhardt, John McLaughlin etc., plus original compositions and songs from within the group and new interpretations of folk material and some re-worked Fairport Convention favourites (of which Ric is a long standing member). Recorded live w/ a sigle stereo mic- this ir the finest redbook sounding cd I own.
Natalie McMaster, "In my Hands" on SACD, the cut "Flamenco Fling" is a favourate at this time, but favorites change don't they?
"Chiacona A Violino Solo", composed by Antonio Bertalli. From the cd "Unarum Fidium" performed by J. Holloway. Why? Just listen... 1600's fiddle! How can one not like it?
My very favorite is the Concerto for Violin/Viola by Mr. Mozart K 364. I have many recorded versions of this piece including the RCA Heiftez but my favorite was a live performance by a husband and wife team locally performed. It is just an extraordinary piece of music where the violin and viola talk to each other with passion and beautiful lyricism.

Bluegrass I would recommend Byron Berline with the Flying Burrito Brother's live performance recorded in the early 70's. The group features Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman and gang performing "The Orange Blossom Special". I like it because it is bluegrass at its toe tapping, foot stomping best!

Ah Doug Kershaw, do I remember him from the early 70's! What a great stage performer.
Eddie Jobson from the progressive rock group UK (UK, Danger Money; 1978, 1979).
Jean-Luc Ponty jazz fusion-rock (Enigmatic Ocean, Cosmic Messenger; 1977, 1978). Augmented the electric violin with guitarist pedals (echoplex,distortion,phase,wha,etc.)
Same things I played during that time.
Gideon Kremer: any Schnittke he performs is absolutely
out of this world because you have to play out of this world
to play Schnittke!
Kreisler playing his pieces - an artist from a different time - slower paced life, warm and nostalgic.
Gonglee... Did you know that Kreisler was a flamboyant showman? On trick for which he was famous was playing some of his very difficult pieces with the violin held upside-down!
Get out and buy Jean luc Ponty, the title is Cosmic Messanger. It is a 1978 recording on the Atlantic lable. I suggest you leave time to listen to it twice as it is a Jazz record that will creep up on you,then take you on a trip. Every cut is worth a listen.

Cheers for now.