Radio Paradise becoming repetitive?

Having whined about Qobuz dropping material I guess it's time to start on Radio Paradise.  To be clear, I love Radio Paradise and I contribute.   My partner agrees. It's playing most of the time all over our houses (BlueOS).  We listen to everything but the rock channel.

But that said, I just don't think I can stand any more Joni Mitchell, Neal Young or Paul Simon.  There's just so much stuff out there, but these three seem to occupy about 20% of their lists.  Yeah, yeah, please spare me the "Well, then listen to something else" stuff.  Unless, of course, that's followed by a proposal of what that might be.  Any good alternatives that are more varied?  Honestly, i feel churlish whining directly the RP.  Thanks and Cheers,


Interesting thread. I am also a contributor and wondered about the repeats. Will continue to contribute and listen but certainly will try out Mother Earth. 

Another vote for SomaFM...  Long time listener...  With a nice kit 320kbp can sound pretty good...

Appreciated information about SomaFM and Mother Earth Radio.  Always looking for new sources.  Since RP changed a lot of things (Bill's Blog), especially the music selections in our case, we have drifted away.  Excellent source but our enjoyment level suffered.  We did reach out to RP.  Still recommend it for people to try. 

I could never listen long enough to notice repetition.

Not my thing. Naim stations (3) for flac or currently I'm grooving to Finger Lakes HD.

I, too, am getting bored with RP, and I’m a paying member.  For a change, check out JB Radio 2.  Another is FIP Electro.  Another is WFMU.  All very good.