Radio Paradise -- Good Stuff

(First of all, I'm NOT affiliated with them in any way)

Just wanted to give them a plug though... Every once in a while when I need a change from my own (pretty vast) music collection...I put on Radio Paradise (they are a user-supported Internet Radio Station). Granted, you take a hit in fidelity (I think the best bit rate might be 192K) but the content is great...and If nothing else, it's great for background music.

The station is very eclectic... but not just for the sake of being so... almost every time I listen, something I've never heard before catches me...and I have to look at the playlist to write it down for my cd wish list! You will hear everything from Ry Cooder to Tears for Fears (Yuck! ; )

I wanted to share this for your (and their)'s radio paradise. com

Here's their thing (mission statement, I guess)...(from their website)

"...Our specialty is taking a diverse assortment of songs and making them flow together in a way that makes sense harmonically, rhythmically, and lyrically — an art that, to us, is the very essence of radio. We hope that you'll enjoy RP so much that you'll want to share it with your friends, your family, your co-workers, your neighbors ... well you get the idea. ;~) ..."
Agreed. Been listening to Radio Paradise so much for so long, I sent them a donation. RP reminds me of FM radio in the 60's. Great variety of music (PLUS no commercials), brief interruptions for station ID every three songs.

A great way to discover new music. I stream it from my Squeezebox Touch to my Wyred4Sound DAC and it is quite enjoyable.
Agreed, love this station.

I work a day a week at home and I stumbled upon RP by searching for commercial free stations and it's great for background music for sure.

Also, I have discovered a lot of new music through this station--the latest that I was really taken by was a tune by I Am Kloot--really amazing song, can't remember the song title though.

They definitely repeat songs but the mix is great overall.
Hey 4est...thanks for the KCRW tip, I have added them to my bookmark Bar and am listening right now..

I actually have several of the KCRW live artist performance Cd's ...some absolute gold on them!
Excellent internet station that I listen to often. I really hope they stay true to their unique formula.
Will also add KCRW to my favourites and try.
Totally concur!! I have downloaded on my MacBook Pro with twenty different radio streams to choose from which includes RP, also have RP App downloaded on my iPhone. Check out ooTunes for your iPhone if you want to record up to 30 different streams to play back while traveling without WiFi!!
I heard about Radio Paradise from another posting on Audiogon last Thursday (8/9/12). I have been listening every since. This is a terrific station.

I also discovered they support both 192kMP3 and 128AAC streaming. I have not done enough listening to say what one sounds the best. I know that Radio Paradise person likes the 128AAC streaming choice. Based on my very limited listening, I tend to agree but I need more time to decide. I am using a Magnum Dynalab MD-807t Internet tuner.

The above two URL's were added to the Frontier Silicon Radio portal labeled RP 192kMP3 and RP 128kAAC. My tuner accesses the portal and I pick what I want to hear. I can easily switch between the two streaming options.
I've been a Radio Paradise fan for years now. Had a dear friend from our local audio club who turn me on, and tune me out to the weak local broadcast stuff in favor of a great commercial free stream. We had had one of about four or five commercial free, free form, morning music programs left in the entire country. It was a gem, WDET FM a public radio station that fell to a mindless program butchering in favor of talk radio due to financial concerns. I was bemoaning its loss and Radio Paradise was recommended to ease the old (yet progressive) radio programming lose. What a breath of fresh air. Love the mix from SoCal's Bill & Rebecca, who have it sooo right...  Guess where my money goes now?!

try it, contribute to it.

Happy Paradise Listening!

Radio Paradise reminds me of the glory days of music oriented FM radio back in the early to mid 70s.   Except even better.
Yeah mapman, that is really the best radio ever was, wouldn't you say? I'm of the years that I recall those days all too well, and would miss that airplay if not for Rp. It's enjoyable to have someone else Dj for ya too. Keeps it interesting.

I found Radio Paradise 3 years ago. Since that first day, my living room experiences their sound almost for 8 hours a day. I'm kind of addicted to RP!
And I'm a contributor. It's a service I'm happy to pay for.