Ready to pull the trigger on a Marantz SR7005

Hi fellow A'goners. I am getting ready to pull the trigger on a Marantz SR7005 receiver, but, before I do, I wanted to see if there are any recommended alternatives I should consider in the same price range.
Also, is Accessories4less a reputable outfit? Thinking of ordering a re-furbished unit from them.
Thanks as always, Matt.
Hello Mt10425, I am having trouble finding "Vanns". Please give me a little more info. thanks, Matt
Yes accessories 4 less is the real deal and authorized. They also sell refurbs at dirt cheap prices. They currently have 2 models. Both are refurbs and one has a longer warranty (2 years) than the other.
I bought a Marantz SR7001 from accessories4less and had no problems, including getting warranty service.
I use a Marantz AVR in my family room, an Integra AVR in my HT room, and an Onkyo pre-pro in my main 2 channel system. Here's my take...

The primary difference between these brands IMHO is that Marantz includes Audyssey XT in the 7005, while the Onkyo and Integra alternatives at the same price point (IIRC) upgrade you to XT32. Assuming that your installation includes (a) subwoofer(s), this alone would drive me to the Onkyo side of the fence. XT 32 is the real thing. (It's just great for seamless subwoofer integration and DRC) However, there are also mechanical quirks around the Marantz that give me a little concern. You could probably Google "Marantz protection mode" for a description of one example.

Denon also offers Xt32 equipped receivers, but I'm less familiar with those.

Good Luck.

Mary you think the anthem AVR used as a pre pro is competitive with some straight pre pros