Really Long XLR

Looking to move my front end gear to the side wall in a new listening room.  If I don't want cables running across the floor in front in my speakers etc., then I'm going to need a set of XLR interconnects in the 40 - 45 foot range.  Wondering what other members have done and what cables have been selected for a very long run.  Obviously the companies asking $$$$ for a one meter set are not in the running.  All suggestions are welcome.  Not afraid to build my own if anyone has had great experience with bulk XLR cable.  Thanks.


I now use extremely long (70ft) XLR interconnects (Blue Jeans Cable) between my preamp and monoblocks. No issues. The choice of preamp is critical. The one I use (VAC Renaissance Mk V - transformer coupled) can run very long interconnects without any issue.

Setups in shows frequently have long interconnect runs, so it is not unusual.

Well, the new 40 foot XLR cables arrived today.  As mentioned earlier,  I bought a pair of Statement XLR from a Canadian company Audio Sensibility.!/Statement-SE-XLR-Interconnects/p/22232352/category=2595836

Hooked them and sat down for a listen.  I honestly wasn't expecting to hear any sonic improvement as my existing cables are the higher end (not top) Morrow interconnects and I've always believed the hype about cables, once you hit a decent level, was just that, hype.  The reason for this purchase was the need for longer cables, not dissatisfaction with the Morrows.

Anyway, I put Tom Petty's "Highway Companion" in my player. I know the disc very well and had been listening to it yesterday.  It really makes my system shine.  Right from the get go I found myself leaning forward in my chair thinking WTF? Am I really hearing a difference ?  I can't put it into words, other than to say the difference was obvious and for the better.  Moved on to State of The Tenor vol 1, by Joe Henderson and then Chick Corea Trio from the Trilogy collection.  Next thing you know, three hours have gone by.  Will burn in improve them further?  I guess I'll see in time. For now, I'm more than pleased with the product.

Thanks again to everyone who chimed in.  Cheers.

It depends if your amp and preamp are true balanced.  If they are something like Mogami is fine.  I run Mogami XLR cables in my balanced system between amp and preamp.  I’ve compared this run to using Cardas Clear XLR that I use everywhere else.  There is no difference in sound.  Now doing the exact same thing in another system I have which is not balanced, there is a pretty significant difference.  I believe Atma-Sphere has some white papers out on this subject.

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Glad to hear you are pleased with Audio Sensibility XLR’s. IME, cables will continue to improve upto 300 hours mark. Enjoy your superb investment for years to come!