Really Long XLR

Looking to move my front end gear to the side wall in a new listening room.  If I don't want cables running across the floor in front in my speakers etc., then I'm going to need a set of XLR interconnects in the 40 - 45 foot range.  Wondering what other members have done and what cables have been selected for a very long run.  Obviously the companies asking $$$$ for a one meter set are not in the running.  All suggestions are welcome.  Not afraid to build my own if anyone has had great experience with bulk XLR cable.  Thanks.


Moving your equipment can from between your speakers can have a very positive effect. I think mine are 25 feet or so. Depending on your system the quality of the interconnects are important. Fortunately this time I was able to buy the same quality level that the rest of my system has.

I would recommend looking for a used set on used cables and Audiogon. Granted the probability is not that high… but something of that length is going to stay on the market for a long time. I think I have seen some in the past.

Try . I have ordered long (~20’) XLR cables from Blue Jeans Cables and they work fine at a reasonable price. Custom lengths are available.

I use the low cost Benchmark XLR cables for long distances. The longest they have is 25-feet but they likely can make longer. I need to buy 2 more long XLRs and waiting until Benchmark stock is back for the 25-foot length.

My other XLR and RCA cables cables are from WyWire and Audience

The cables between my AES-48 compliant preamp and amp do not make a difference with various XLR’s I tried.

Even with my non-AES-48 compliant preamp and amp the Benchmark XLR sounds great.

I keep my gear away from the speakers in both of my 2-channel rigs. Only the amp is close to the speakers.

I’d use wall/floor mounted plugs and run Mogami or Belkin. This way you can keep the cabling 100% out of the room.

Otherwise, make your own with Mogami or Belkin, shielded is a must at these lengths, and Neutrik connectors.

Besides Parts Express, Parts Connexion (for connectors) you should see what Markertek has.  They often have good discounts on Mogami.

+1 to what Erik listed. Since you're willing to build your own, order some Belden cable from Raw Cable, and Neutrik connectors from Markertek.

I would make my own cables from 16 awg Duelund DCA wire.  The wire for a 40' set will cost you $400.  A good set of XLR connectors is $100.  Sheath material another $100.  If you don't have silver solder, another $15.


Mogami W2534 Neglex Quad cable $1.19/ft. from Redco Audio.

Neutrik NC3FXX-B and NC3FXX-B typically less than $5.00 each. 

I believe Mogami is the preferred cable for professional recording studios.

Look into Audio Envy….I had 30FT RCA, they use OCC copper which is way better than most OFC cables out there. 

If you don’t wanna build your own then I agree with @lalitk that Audio Envy is well worth looking into. 



You have a very nice system. I don’t recommend going bottom tier stuff like Blue Jeans, Belkin,, etc or lower tier like Mogami. My experience with these have been they are no better than what you get free. Maybe do it yourself… but consider saving up. You are talking about a critical run, with very sensitive speakers. 

Consider the tonal balance and detail of your system. Research and maybe save a liitle. 

Thanks all for your information and recommendations.  Such a spread, where the Mogami W2534 Neglex Quad cable + Connectors will be +/- $250 (CDN) for the project and Audio Envy O’nestian (Matched Pair) will be +/- $2000 (CND) assuming they will build a 45 ft pair.  At almost 10x's the cost, will the Audio Envy cables be "WOW" better than the DYI Mogami?  

+1, @ghdprentice


Send an email or call Captain at Audio Envy. I am certain, you can get better pricing, Your system deserves better cabling than run of the mill Mogami. This is an important link between your preamp / source to amps. Given your incredible system, I wouldn’t compromise here!

If you're  not worried about electrical interference, I'd consider the Mogami 2549 cable - a little less capacitance than the 2534. I also like the Neutrik connectors

Not to worry my friend!  In professional use, XLR cables are often over 100 fwt long.  Think of auditoriums where the mikes are on the stage and the sound booth is in the back of the hall. Those tiny mike voltages make it good shape to the mixers far away. Use the Belden mike cable or its Chinese clone. Enjoy the music.

Another really high quality and very good sounding XLR is Belden's BAV line. They have the same basic tech. as the Iconoclast series but a lot less money and are much more flexible. I have used a 32' long set running between preamp and power amp with great success. Also they are hand made to order so any length you want is no problem.


I went with Transparent and have a 70' run.  They work fantastic and having my speaker wire now down to 8' has substantially improved my system's performance.

Good luck and let us know how you make out!

Following on from the previous post, Transparent cable is quite good value in longer runs relative to a lot of quality audio cables. They can be even better value pre-owned as there is a small enough market for long interconnects.

+1 on mogami 2549 with neutrik..

I have found the belden 1800f quite on the bright side, not a bad character if you need it.

For such a lengthy xlr, depending on rf conditions perhaps starquad is a valid choice... Mogami 2534 or canare l4e6s for less.

Made my own from Mogami cable.  You can always go to BlueJean if you are not DIY.  Those runs were about 70 feet. Cables were not the limiting factor. ( and any recording you have probably went through hundreds of feet of the same cable already) 

“and any recording you have probably went through hundreds of feet of the same cable already) ”


Mogami Neglex and Belden equivalents microphone cable is used in concert halls worldwide, where 100 foot runs are common for high ceiling drop mics.  Every audiophile approved classical orchestral recording has this quality cabling in the path...lots of it!

+1 for Blue Jeans Cable, I have had several balanced & unbalanced cables from them & always been pleased with quality & price. Their website has some great articles on cable construction, trade-offs, and choice.

 Markertek will make you whatever you want. Canare and Belden....

ooooh, that's good to know, @winoguy17 !!

I'll be curious to know what you settle on and what you think of the results. Long runs are what XLR cables were made for. Nevertheless, a long cable run should be more revealing of differences between cables than a much shorter run. I think these long lengths are how cables should be compared. At 50', a double blind test should be easy to pass, right? If you're struggling to hear a difference at 50', it's going to be a much bigger struggle to hear a difference at 5'. 

There should be cable manufacturers jumping at the opportunity to loan you the long cables in this situation so you can compare and  hear the differences that are going to be obvious. 

Once again, thanks to everyone for your comments and suggestions, One thing I do find surprising is the strong support for cables costing $1 - $2 per foot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for a reason to spend more than required, but for the main cable carrying the signal from preamp to power amp, I am truly surprised there is anyone suggesting this is the place where a $50 - $100 cable is the appropriate choice. This is going to be way more difficult that I thought. Luckily, I don’t need to make the decision for several months. I do like the specs and cost of Audio Envy O’nestian Matched pair.  OCC copper. They will build a 45 foot pair for $1200. For the DIY, so many to choose from.  And of course there is the Nordost Odin knock off from China.  🤣🤣🤣

Even Home Depot has a much better sounding solution than lamp cord… not high end audio level, but much better. 

You buy their 12 gauge 3 conductor extension cord and cut off the ends. Obviously you don’t use the ground. This stuff is actually better than bottom tier / no  name… like Monster, Belkin, etc. Additionally it comes in that decor compatible orange / black stripes, so you don’t trip over it. 


Rather than a counterfeit from China, buy lamp cord from Home Depot. 


You do realize we are talking about signal wire?

Consider Blue Jeans Cable. They will run you about $250 for the pair.

I've used Blue Jeans interconnects, speaker cable and XLRs. The quality of construction is first rate. (Ultimately I replace the speaker cables with Kimber 12tc)

I run a BJC Belkin 15 foot XLR from pre to power and I am satisfied. Worth a try, I think.

Before you spend $$$$, anyway.

This is a great way to get your equipment off to the side and leave the amp between the speakers. I used this setup once, i could sit in my chair and have access to all my sources and volume control with out a remote:-) using a 30ft high quality RCA cable it worked very well with my MAC preamp into a 300watt per channel MAC power amp driving a pair of Mirage M3’s. I would contact Signal Cable they are in New York and they make cables that are excellent sounding and affordable, just call them and they can whip up a nice long XLR for your needs, Much recommended.


P.S. I use their MAGIC Power cables and Sennheiser Head Phone cable and Subwoofer SPKON cable for my REL B2 sub, These are all custom made.


Matt M

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“I am truly surprised there is anyone suggesting this is the place where a $50 - $100 cable is the appropriate choice. ”


Nothing to be surprised here, just check out the audio system of folks recommending $1 - $2 per foot. Most folks recommending these cables never mentioned their components nor their system listed here. Your system should allow you to hear differences between the cables, no matter what price point / brand you choose to go within your budget. For the kicks, try a short pair of Mogami/Belden/BlueJeans etc etc and compare it with Audio Envy, Zavfino, Audio Sensibility or Neotech. You will know what to do next :-)

@lalitk Right now I have narrowed it down to two cables. 

1. Audio Envy O’nestian for $1250.  They are using OCC copper and the cables appear to be very well constructed.  Maybe the best I have seen at this price.

2. Gotham Audio XLR Cable, GAC-2 Ultra Pro, 10561 for $380.  this cable ships from Germany and uses LCOF Copper, which is in between CFC and OCC.  If you believe that single crystal copper actually improves the sound, then you pay the extra $800.  The jury is still out on that one.  

The Gotham cable appears to be just as well constructed as the Audio Envy.  The difference is really the copper.


No direct experience with Gotham Audio. It appears 10561 GAC2 designed for microphones in professional applications. If you are pursuing Gotham Audio, look into the GAC-3 10701 designed for audio. Everything I read, points to professional audio applications.

@lalitk Thanks for that.  I believe the terms "microphone" and XLR are used to mean the same thing?  The 10561 used the braided copper shielding as the ground on the XLR connector.  I think this is quite standard?  Both the 10561 and the 10701 use XLR connectors. 

@bigtwin I tried that maneuver and used Mogami Studio Gold XLRs. After about a month I moved everything back. The aesthetic improvement wasn’t worth the loss in sonics compared to my then XLRs, Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper. 
Don’t do cheap cables - you get what you pay for. Since you’re entertaining building your own cables, look into Neotech and use top notch connectors (Rhodium or Gold). Check out Sonic Craft for Neotech. Also, VH Audio has Furutech cables and connectors…worth looking into. 

I use Mogami cables everywhere in both my HT and 2 ch tube system. I bought 250’ from Redco. They can custom make any cable you like, if don’t fancy soldering your self a set. 4-5 week’s delivery time. Redco dot com. 

Sorry! Cables in LA will make any length you want. Get some good Mogami sheilded cable with Neutrik connectors very reasonably priced, quick turn, and proper workmanship. 

@gfxmla  I did consider buying from Sonic Craft but was looking at the Neotech NEI-301 MK lll.  In the end, I have ordered a pair of cables from a Canadian retailer (keeping my $$$ at home).  Neotech makes a cable for them that is the NEI-301 MK lll, but using all OCC Copper.  No silver treatment on half the run.  But, the cable gets the Cryo treatment which Neotech normally reserves for their élite  line of cables.  They offered a price that would be the same as building my own.  I was able to choose the connectors I wanted and they have a very nice cover over the cable.!/Statement-SE-XLR-Interconnects/p/22232352/category=2595836

Thanks everyone for all the good suggestions.  Interesting how divided the group is on $2 per foot vs $20+ per foot. 

@bigtwin sounds like a good cable and has good connectors. Keep us posted on how this cable evolves 

@audphile1  Thanks.  I was intrigued with your earlier comment that the Mogami Studio Gold XLRs did not give your the same sonic quality of your Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper.  I used to own a pair of the Crescendo Mark ll, and really love the quality of Acoustic Zen products.  A little research show me the Absolute Copper retail at  $2625 for a one meter pair from The Cable Company.  The Mogami Studio Gold XLR retails for $47 per meter on Amazon.  You weren't expecting them to sound similar were you?  Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants if the did.  Cheers.

@bigtwin LOL no of course I didn’t expect the Mogami to sound like the AZ Absolute Copper. It was more of an experiment to see if the benefits of freeing up space between the speakers can outweigh the differences in cables. I gave it enough time to break in and sink in.