recommendation on new brush

    I am interested in an upgrade of my ole brush.(moble fidelity)This is to be used dry or "wet" on my tt .
i have a nitty gritty 2.5 (ole' trusty) record cleaner i use to keep everything neat ,but not everytime.
Hey, you guys aren’t talking about the old Audio Technica record brush, are you?  You know, the one with the red velvet roller.
geoffkait, I still have one from waaaaay back. Up in storage with my old  vinyl. I bet it still has fluid in the bottle!
I used AQ carbon fiber brush (looks the same as Audio-Technica, sleevecity, etc), but in my hands carbon fiber brushing vinyl produces sooo much static that even double-sided Scotch cannot keep felt mat on the platter when I flip the record. I preferred "Hunt E.D.A. Mark 6 Brush" (same as SuperExstatic)

Then I bought this beauty:
The only brush which works AND (in my hands) removes static during hot'n'dry months. I LOVE it! Cheaper, smaller, and not as ugly as the one mentioned by by Mike Fremer:

I use VPI 16.5 to clean records, totally agree with Mike F. (based on my own sad experience!) that in the long run wet brush without vacuuming is a bad idea for your collection.

I also have this:
bought it years ago from MusicDirect but, frankly, I am afraid to use it. Packaging says "no adhesive residue" but a few Amazon reviewers disagree.

I will check it out,I used to have a 16.5 yrs back it died in a house fire :(
I have a nitty 2.5 now ,and I agree I do not use a wet brush ever.I do use one when im cleaning  with the gritty..Way back I used to use Last treatment on all my lps after I deep cleaned them, then only a brush but i lost all those albums over 1500 pristine lp in the fire  5000 cds so i am slowly rebuilding my collection
I wish I bought NittyGritty. When I flip record on VPI I know that just-cleaned side picks up some dirt from the platter. No comments from me about Last, I used it on a few records, then got lazy.
Wish someone would come up with digital equivalent of LPs (MQA???), but as it stands now there is no way to digitize even my CD collection! All the tips I see for digitizing classical music are too time-consuming or just plain stupid. And it is soo easy, just add a few more fields to the software so that we can have Composer+Work+Orchestra+Conductor+Performer+Chorus/soloists for opera. But NO, they are too busy making another DAC in a bulletproof case!
Funny I miss my vpi lol ...the little wheel on the nitty gets on my nerves,it does a fine jobs for the bucks as with most cleaners its loud a sh*t

I second the choice for the Hunt  EDA. This brush actually picks up the dust. Something many others don't do. IMO


The Sleeve City is a copy of the original Decca record brush.

The Audioquest brush has longer length brushes, and just moves the dust around IMO.

I do not like the Hunt brush, because the felt pad in the center, pushes the dust into the groove, and is hard to clean off with the holder.

A flip of the sleeve city, across the ridge in the frame, knocks off all the dust from the brushes. No grease transfer from finger tips.

don c55.

In regards to the Hunt brush, were you using the brush correctly? The Hunt is directional. It is clearly marked with an arrow on the handle. I have NEVER had the problems with this brush as you describe.

I have a VPI 16.5  and have never been happy with the supplied brush. I found that almost all brushes are synthetic and when the tips of the fibers are examined, they are cut leaving square flat ends that do not get deep into the grooves. They do spread the cleaning fluid but otherwise not great. I now use a shaving brush. These are made with natural badger hair which is soft and has a natural taper at the tip of each hair. These can be obtained at any pharmacy. I paid almost $30 for mine. They are too soft unless modified. I wrap mine with a rubber band to make it stiffer. Tape also works. This spreads the fluid beautifull and gets into the grooves much better. After wet cleaning, I remove static with an antistatic brush form Mapleshades. I occasionally use a zerostat. This has worked very well for me.

I like the Acoustech Big Brush, which goes across the full LP from edge to center in one swipe. Got it as a gift and it surpassed AQ & Hunt brushes. Cheers,

FWIW, bought the Mapleshade Static Draining Brush and have used it a few times.  My experience using it in connection with my Nottingham TT and tonearm, Ortofon cartridge, Boston graphite mat, and VPI cleaning machine:  the annoying pops created by static electricity when turning albums over or removing them from the platter are gone.  The brush must be doing its job.  What I have not experienced is the absence of surface noise and clicks inherent to older recordings which some users claim were eliminated or made quieter after using the brush.  I run the brush on both sides before playing the record.  Seems to work fine!