Recommendations for a Ripper/Streamer/Storage device, or a combo of two devices?

Want a all in one, or perhaps two devices, where I can Rip my CD's, store them, as well as Stream and store digital music that sounds as good, or better than CD's?  
There are several that do what you want, but many forego the internal CD ripper these days and require that you instead upload the digital files from an external storage device.  

My Antipodes DX G3 does everything you discuss, including the internal CD drive for ripping, and internal SSD for storage.  You did not give a price range or discuss whether you wanted to purchase new or used, but I have seen several DX units (supported but no longer made) for sale in the past few months.  Both the newer Antipodes units and Roon's own Nucleus will stream and store ripped files to an internal drive, but neither have the internal ripper.  

If I were looking for a new streamer/music server I would probably look at one of the newer Antipodes units or the Mojo DejaVu Evo.
Many of us have thousands of CDs.  Although streaming services can be pretty good.  I have still found that music from my CD transport to the DAC sounds still better than the music from my Streamer/Ripper to the DAC.  Just to be clear, my vinyl (analog) system still is better.

However, I have an Aurender ACS10 Ripper/Streamer/music server.  Fairly expensive, but quite good sounding and makes use of the internal ripper to save my CD music onto the internal hard drive and also to an external NAS.  Of all the Streamers music servers I've heard, the Aurender sounds the best.

There is also the Sony Ripper/Streamer for much less and Bluesound units available. 

for people that no longer have extensive number of CD's then a straigh music server/streamer is the way to go.  But for those that have many CD's, well, it just makes no sense to not have a decent ripper incorporated.  Also, many of us don't want to be a computer expert.  We just want plug and play capability.  So, using a computer/ripper and the associated software can be daunting for many.

I'm an Engineer, so it's okay with me, I just like the Aurender unit.

It depends on you budget and also on your listening criteria.  Digital is not digital. every Ripper will produce a different sound.  it is true.  Just like a very good transport will sound better into a DAC than a ho hum transport.  you have to listen for yourself.  I've been told that the Sony unit is pretty good.  But, I don't believe that it provides a digital output and you can't bypass the internal DAC.  I may be wrong here. 

Also, the Aurender real time play back is not from a spinning hard disc drive, but from the SSD caching drive.  So that really extends the life of the disc drive unit.  Most other music servers with internal storage use a spinning disc drive for playback. 

Bluesound Vault 2i. Well regarded at it's pricepoint. Add an external DAC if you want to improve sound quality. Only caution - It requires an ethernet connection to your network.
It’s easier to maximize tags for rips on the PC. Of course the exception bringing you don’t care. Just fire up Fidelizer before ripping if you think that makes a difference
Most all streamers with a USB A will power SSD’s. 2T on sale for $170. It’ll cost you more to have it in somebody’s box. (That’s what she said)
I rip on the PC, edit, then transfer to the SSD’s plugged into the streamers via WiFi.
Besides there are usually songs on most albums I don’t want on my player.
All other options will cost ya.

Look at the Melco (Dela) D100 ripper. This solution is better than the popular Plextor Premium.