Recommendations for retipping service for my Benz-Micro?

I had my Benz-Micro retipped by Cartridgeman in the UK years ago, but I'm unaware of how the retipping market may have shifted and would be grateful for some recommendations. 
I can recommend Soundsmith in the USA, and Expert Stylus and Cartridge Company in the UK. I've had a Dynavector XX2MKII re-tipped by Soundsmith, which to my ears, made it sound even better than it did when new.

ESCCO did a white sapphire cantilever/Paratrace stylus mod on a Zu Denon 103R, which is a giant slayer as far as I'm concerned.

There's also Andy's Needle Clinic in the Seattle area, although I have no experience with him. I hear the turn-around with Andy's is quicker than most, but be prepared for a good 3-4 month turn-around with either SS or ESCCO.

 Eric, this is Mike Burns from the old audio alternative days.i also recommend the soundsmith  for retipping they are the best especially for Benz micro. I am a dealer for them and can facilitate for you.  Contact me via audiogon.
Both myself and a close friend have had our Benz LP-Smr cartridges retipped by Soundsmith recently.  Great results, 8 weeks turn around time for both of us. We both had the tip only done. I also had a Dynavector XV-1s done years ago, that was good also.
Thanks so much to you all for the great coaching on retipping. There are apparently services that will retip but only with the replacing of the cantilever. It sounds like replacing the cantilever is not a requirement with Soundsmith's retipping service correct?


You are correct, getting just the tip done is an option with Soundsmith. Thats what I just had done with my Benz.

I have employed  Andy's Needle Clinic three times. And the last was a retip of a Benz H2. I highly recommend him.

To my knowledge the best is ''Expert Stylus&Cartridge Co.''

They first inspect the cart and then give you the best advice

they can. Besides they do the ''real retip'' with their Paratrace

stylus. That is to say only the stylus in the existing cantilever.

The most other do the more easy job by gluing the whole new

cantiever/stylus combo instead. Curiously this is more expensive.

Thanks to all.  Nandric brings up an important question. So to Steelyjoe and others here: Some provider's "retipping service" process involves only the stylus, but for other providers their "retipping service" process will involve for both stylus and cantilever?