Record Jackets and sleeves

While trying to slip the Mo-Fi rice paper inner sleeve into it's jacket, a corner folded over. I straightened it out. Folded again. Wiggled it, out, in a few times. Got it. Halfway in, almost. Pull out an inch. Back in, fast. Got it. Looks a bit puffy. Flatten out the air. I'd been talking to my imaginary friend about how awesome vinyl is but now felt uncool after all that effort. 
All this hassle would have been saved if they had designed jackets to be 1/2 inch bigger.
I resleeve outside the jacket, which has an HDPE jacket cover similar to mylar. It’s stiff and clear, so the album doesn’t look like it is in a plastic bag. Opening on top. The advantages are that it is far less trouble to remove or return a sleeved album to its jacket and it reduces the amount of potential static in the process. (I use an additional "thing"-- often the original liner if it came with the record, had any artifact value, etc. as a final outside layer so the sleeved record is sandwiched between, giving it some protection as well). The obvious disadvantage is bulk-- more plastic and paper goods packed around each record and that does add up when shelving.
Yeah, I do that sometimes. Sometimes. I'll leave the original liner in situ for archival reasons. Gatefolds are great.
Buy records, they come with the cover, original sleeve, and premium rice paper sleeve all in a nice thick plastic cover. Comes shipped this way. Maintains the cover like new and the LP in sleeve slides in and out so smooth. Either that or resleeve like whart, which does save a couple hundred smackers but without the Hot Stamper it is a wash.
I've never been that manic about inner sleeves. I figure what horrible thing could possibly occur if a bit of the sleeve creases a bit when I ootch  it and the record into the jacket? Will the vinyl sneer at me and warp because not every micron is equally supported? To me, the important thing is that the vinyl is protected from the scratchy record jacket cardboard and from any mote of grit that might be sneaky & intelligent enough to migrate inside the sleeve. On the other hand, sure, I truly love the plastic-lined paper sleeves that London, Angel, DGG, etc., used to use, but by the same token some of those inner sleeves have gotten a bit sticky over the decades.

Finally, now that I think about it, yeah, it does peeve me that the individual LPs in cardboard box sets (such as an opera) almost always warp because they're loosely packed inside the box.
That's why I really like the Nagaoka N102's they are nice and thin and fit inside the original inner liner and then the jacket without any issue whatsoever.  Keeps everything nice and neat.

Been using them for years no issues whatsoever great quality inner sleeves.
Check out the unique double-pocket outer sleeves designed and sold by Vinyl Storage Solutions in Canada. I learned of them from another Michael, this one the German gentleman known as 45 RPM Audiophile in The Vinyl Community. Details and pics available on the VSS website, and a few YouTube videos.