Reference 3A MM de Capo Be - how do they sound?

For those who have, or have auditioned these bookshelf speakers, how do they sound?  Is there a more mainstream bookshelf loudspeaker that you to which you would compare them? If you own them, what amp(s) do you think they best perform with?

There is a new version available, the MM de Capo Be II, and I am very interested. Reference 3A offers a 3 week trial period, but I read that they take a bit of time to fulling break in, so I’d prefer to know more about them before I make my decision. Thanks in advance.
I bought a pair of de Capo i unseen/heard.  Love them  rich detailed clean  run off a 4 watt Decware mini Torii, they also sounded good with my Primaluna PL2
@grinnell Thank you for your response. This is helpful

@akg_ca  I thought I’d watched every YouTube video on the MM de Capo Be, but I had not see this one. I had seen previous videos by the same person, so thank you. 
I had a pair of the 40th Anniversary de Capo be in a dedicated acoustically designed room. I ran them with  SS, PP tubes and SET amps.  I really wanted to like them but found the to be lean sounding.  I would read the fine print regarding the in-home trial before you pull the trigger. Well made speaker, but imho a bit awkward looking and not a fan of the nextal finish which was one of the reasons I went with the AE edition. 
@testpilot Thank you for your insight.  Would "lean" also be "cold" or "bright".  The new version II is offered in Rosenut, either satin or gloss, and high gloss black.  
What sound characteristics are most important to you and what electronics will you be driving them with?  These are excellent speakers, but only if they mesh with your personal tastes and other equipment. 
I bought my de Capos to replace some Triangle Cometes which I thought sounded thin.  These are standmounts and not floorstanders some use a sub with them but I never have.  And yes the new finish is awful i have cherry.  If you have older speakers you can upgrade both the tweeters to BE and send them the woofers and they can add the cone.
@soix This will be a third system, and I will build it around the speakers. Currently, I have a pair of Moon by SimAudio 400M amps, a pair of Parasound Halo JC1, a pair of Benchmark AHB2, and a Cayin A-88T tube integrated. I sort of assumed I’d look for something with tubes for the MM de Capo Be II, but I’m willing to work on it.

As for the sound characteristics I seek, I feel like I’m still learning that about myself. I love the Wilson Audio house sound, so on the warmer side, with a full midrange, and slam, but I also have Cornwall IV, Dynaudio Special 40, and Triton One (now relegated to home theatre duty). I've also had Spatial Audio M3 TriodeMaster and GoldenEar Triton Reference.  I like some of the things each of these can do. I feel like I’m exploring, although this hobby is an expensive one in which to dabble.
Mine were purchased new in the early 2000s. Seems like they had a 10" woofer. I loved them even better after I put felt pad surround for the tweeters