Reference 3A or Mark & Daniel or...

Well it looks like the wife and I are finally gonna pull the trigger on downsizing, the kids are gone and a five bedroom colonial no longer fits the bill.  As a result it's not looking good for my Ohm Walsh 3's as they're just to big and bulky for our new condo.

I've been investigating smallish monitors and have narrowed (but not settled on) two brands, Mark & Daniel and Reference 3A.  What intrigues me most about these two is that they are considered to be dynamic and fairly full-range.  How they get there couldn't be more different, the 3A's running wide open with a "helper" tweeter with I believe just a single cap,  higher efficiency as a benefit.  The M & D's  on the other hand use their "Dreams" tweeter which is a descendant of the ESS unit to cross over at a very low 800 to 900 cycles depending on the model. with the M & D's being lower in efficiency in the 83-85db range. This shouldn't be an issue for me as I have a fairly powerful Onix MKII integrated amp that will pump about 160 watts out at 4ohms.  As far as models go it would either be the 3A DeCapo or Dulcet and with M&D the Ruby or Diamond.  Anyone with experience with either of these brands or models please feel free to chime in with your thoughts and experiences, thanks!

I choose the dulcet over the Nola boxer and Harbeth.
Now I am thinking on putting them for sale since I moved to a new space where I need. Bigger speakers.

I have owned the Di Capo i's for about ten years .

I find them to be a very honest and neutral sounding speaker that will let you hear what your upstream equipment sounds like , no colorations .

Good bass and a seamless transition to the tweeter which is quite smooth but extended without anomalies .

I have not heard any Mark & Daniels products .

Good Luck 

What I love about my De Capo's (original - piano black):
Tranparent but musical - a very direct sound that you need to hear to believe.
remarkably coherent
extremely dynamic & FAST
logic defying bass

My pair displaced a pair of Audio Physic Virgo II's to give you some idea of how highly I regard this speaker.
Thanks smctigue I've read that a lot regarding the De Capo's.  I might add that I'm also considering the Sonus Faber Concerto's.
I've had a pair of the Decapo BE for almost 2.5 years which I fell in love with on first listen which is quite rare for me.  Truly stunning speakers IMHO and the closest I've heard a 2-way come to the cohesive and transparent sound of Quads. The Decapos are as Smctigue1 puts it very direct. Hook them up to 60  or more tube watts and they can amaze with their natural presentation of voice and instrument and retain all the texture, harmonics and spacial information on the recording. The lack of a crossover and only a blocking cap to the tweeter and their ability to produce bass beyond their size has me shaking my head in disbelief on some program material. These speakers are worthy of the best electronics to bring out their intrinsic character.

Having said that it is ALWAYS wise to hear as many speakers as you possibly can polarin as we all have different values and priorities.
    Hi, I had a pair of the piano black De Capo's that I replaced with a pair of Sonist Concerto two's. They are about the same price new.
You should check them out and add them to your must listen to list.
 Just another option, Tish

I have loved the De Capos (BE's) for the last two years  and I can say that they are wonderful. They work great with tubes (300'bs) and excellent solid state amps. Off the cuff the best amp I have used with the De Capos is the Pass 30.8. A relatively inexpensive tube amp that was phenomenal with the speakers was the Audio Space 300 B's. I will say one thing (it's a Duh ) the room makes more difference with these speakers or any speakers for that matter than the electronics. 

polarin .. just saw this and I realize this thread is a few months old but I'm curious which (if any) speakers you decided on. Rarely do I see Mark & Daniel mentioned, never mind in the same thread as Ohm. I purchased my Rubys used at a great price about 6 years ago and still like them very much. At the time I was looking to replace my MicroWalsh Talls but in the end I kept both. I've also held onto my MMGs as well. Each design is radically different from one another with different strengths and weaknesses and I just can't part with any of them. At the time I purchased the Rubys I looked at DeCapos as well, hence my interest in your decision. 
Another de Capo fan here.  In that range I'd also try to audition Joseph Audio's new Prism monitor.  Best of luck. 
Chalk up another DeCapo owner/fan here. I like them so much I may even take them with me when I'm ready to go. 
I loved my de Capo BE's for about three years until we moved to a bigger space. I replaced them with AZ Adagios. However, I really didn't have to; the de Capos throw a HUGE soundstage and they resolve in a way that's detailed without being clinical. The Adagios, being bigger speakers, had a bit more presence, but that's about the only advantage.

The de Capos are simply one of the best monitors out there.
The De Capo's are very special. I moved on when I switched to a low power SET amp but have fond memories of those speakers. The Dulcets, by the way, are cut from the same cloth. 
Here's my Audio Asylum review of the De Capo's with a BE tweeter: 
Been busy and hadn't looked at this thread in awhile... Anyway, while I still haven't settled on anything yet, I've added the Duevel Planets to my short list.  They seem like they'd have a fairly close presentation to my Ohm's but with a much smaller (and attractive) footprint.  I've read several positive reviews on them which is promising so we'll see.  I'd consider the newer and smaller Ohm's but they're just kinda fugly to me so we'll see, thanks to all who have commented.  I might add that I'll likely pick up some used DeCapo's for my bonus room upstairs...
Duevel Planets? Haven't thought about those since they were first released. The design intrigues me (surprise .. I like omni's) but I never had a chance to hear them, or rather, I never took a chance on purchasing them to audition. I hope you'll share your impressions if they make their way to your listening space. Thanks polarin.