Rega Brio R or Alex R for new Klipsch Heresy III's.

Greetings. Been exploring options for a new integrated for my Heresy III's. I like these 2 options and the sterling reviews they get across the board. I prefer simple 2 channel amplification. Phono section is nice, no need for a DAC or lots of bells and whistles. I have the Apollo R cd player so these seemed like logical choices. I have where Rega products have a "synergy" with each other. Will the Elex R qualitatively sound much better for the extra $$? I can't demo them side by side so input is most appreciated....
I use both, the Elex for my main rig and the new Brio for a small 2nd system. They are very similar. With a high efficiency speakers the extra watts wouldn’t be necessary imho. I really couldn’t comment if Rega would be a good pairing though, I believe a lot of guys are using SET or low powered class A with their classic Klipsch speakers... 
Thank you. Yes, a lot of Klipsch owners like their tube amps. They are just not my cup of tea. I still have some work to do....
I have a Peachtree Nova 300 that I use with my computer system driving a pair of Heresy I. It has very detailed and clean sound and includes a nice DAC, phono pre, HTBP, and lots of inputs. I had a Rega Apollo R CD player and it sounded great with the Peachtree. I bought my Nova 300 refurbished for less than the price of the Elex. If you look on the web you can find a similar deal. Worth taking a look at.
I agree the Rega products do have a synergy with each other. My setup is British and nearly all Rega: Planar 3, DAC-R (with Rotel RCD-02 as transport), Elex-R, Spendor A4s, Chord interconnects. I mostly listen to Classical/Jazz/Singer-Songwriter. The dealer wanted me to buy the Brio-R rather than the more expensive Elex-R as he felt the price difference wasn't worth it. I couldn't compare them with the Spendors (different dealer) but I convinced myself the extra money for the Elex was worth it. YMMV.  
Thanks guys for the above, never owned any Peachtree products but I've read good things. Unique look as well. Food for thought....
@beernut ,

Maybe consider this Luxman.

I know not the same but I used to drive my refreshed/modded Heresy 1s with a Luxman R-117 and the combo was to die for.

Wow, beautiful amp. Price is a bit more than I had budgeted. However, it has me thinking....
Music Direct does have a trade-in program so you could minimize the $$$ impact if you have some unwanted but decent gear to trade.

I auditioned Heresy IIIs with a beautiful little Luxman M200 power amp that was amazing (I use a low powered tube amp so the sales dude thought this SS 25WPC amp would be similar to what I have). Not sure if these amps are still available but they're very cool...a display of how many watts you're using...yeah man...
Or... perhaps the Belles Aria integrated. Basic, no bells and whistles, sounds like music. A flat out bargain at 2K.
Also note that my chiming in is really based on the fact that I get excited when I notice that somebody bought Heresy I did last year...they’re GREAT speakers. 
Despite the high sensitivity of Klipsch Heresys, which I have owned for nearly 40 years, I learned while working with LaScalas (18 years), that the short throw woofers of Klipsch speaker benefit from as much power as you can give them.  That is why they synergize well with McIntosh amps.  I think your choice of Rega is a very good one because of their musical and non analytic  house sound.  Go for the power you won't be sorry, I assure you.
Yes you can get them playing loudly with a 3 watt amp but the sound is usually dominated by their powerful midrange horns. The added power gives the woofers a chance to be heard.
You might consider the Heed Elixir.  I auditioned one this weekend and the Peachtree I mentioned earlier in the thread is going bye-bye.  It's a simple integrated - 50 WPC Class A amp, 4 inputs plus a MM phono input, pre-outs, and a Class A headphone amp. It's very similar to the Brio, however in the reviews I read most give a nod to the Elixir.  I had never heard of it before, I was visiting one of my favorite shops and they had one.  It really grabbed me and I took one home.  The dealer gave me a 30 day window to return it, but I think it's staying.