Rega Turntable

There is a new one supposedly very good but WAY expensive!
Rega introduced the Naiad 4 years ago. I wanted one when I read about it.

The roadblock was the $30k. The P10 seems like a compromise!

The review just came out in Critic. They are as fast as I am these days. They also had a review of a new Wilson, 30K pounds. I think I have a good system but didn't spend that much unless you count the LPs and CDs And I have 4 pres and 4 amps etc. I don't know if I am bragging or complaining?
stanwal-I'm wondering how Rega chose those hardware store footers? 

For $30k, it should have some nice aesthetically fitting, CNC'd brass or whatever, high tech feet. Looks like an afterthought, relative to the high,carbon plinth.

Ive never found a performance write up on this table.

Before judging the Naiad go to rega site and read the story of it's development. Was a project to try to build the ultimate rega tt. It was not originally intended for production. After Roy Gandy demoing it at shows he had over 12 people who wanted one. So rega decided to produce 15 units I believe. All of them were sold as of the last report. It is not your typical production tt.