Removing fine scratch marks from VPI plinth

I've searched the forums and haven't found a thread on this much to my surprise. Just wondering out there how VPI owners of the acrylic plinths of the Aries series tables and the HRX's clean their shiny black plinths and remove those hairline surfaces scratches that can accumulate over time.
the best pit stop is to call Vpi. There are plastic stores that do sell polish and might help but Vpi is still your best bet.
i haven't used it before, but novus is made specifically for repairing fine scratches in plastic/acrylic.
I use the Novus products and have had wonderful results not only on the plinths, but dustcovers also. Highly recommended.
I had some unknown sticky substance on my Aries and ask them: here is what they had to say:

You can use turpentine on the chassis and the platter but you will need to clean it afterwards with windex or some other glass cleaner. Should come right off.
Panel magic makes the acrylic on the table look like new if you use it a few times a year, especially on the platter. Just wipe it all off with a soft cloth after application and allow to dry overnight.


I used lighter fluid on my mystery substance, took it off with no marks.
Novus Polishes are what most Plastics Companies suggest to use. One can also use 3M Hand Glazes and get very good results as well.

The key with any product you use, will be always to use the least agressive product. It is better to use something like Novus #2, and use it a few times gently, rather than using a more agressive product like Novus #3, and trying to remove deep scratches all in one application. Try to resist the urge to rub hard in any one particular area, it will cause hazing-light scratching, which will be later hard to remove. Fan out from any damaged areas-scratches to blend the application.

Novus #1 is generally good for just upkeep, and placing a nice shine on the surface, removing fingerprints, etc. It contains very little, if any abrasives. Mark
You're all forgetting the cloth used can cause as much damage as you're trying to remove. Quality microfiber is the best, followed by 100% cotton. Probably better to use the cotton with the plastic polish, as it is more agressive and then remove it with microfiber. Whatever you do, avoid paper towels and polyester/cotton blends.
Thanks for the input. I think I will order some Novus. I only have some very light 'hazing scratches..looks like spider webs. I'll try the Novus and the microfiber cloths.
High-end auto detailing sites like carry pretty much all the stuff you need. They also have nice stuff for your car.
Keep in mind, I highly doubt you can remove any but the absoulute lightest and finest marks by hand. Removing scratches requires removing material from the surface of the plinth and that isn't happening by hand. At least not with any amount of pressure you would dare put on it. What you are doing is smoothing out the surface and perhaps the very top edge of the scratch and filling it with some polish, which makes it harder for the scratches to catch the light and make themselves visible. Just put a little polish on it and play records. And don't catch that stylus with a microfiber cloth!