Repaired a broken coil wire on a Denon dl 103

I had a basically brand new 103 laying around that I had been modding but during the mod I broke a coil wire. Anyone who has looked at one of these knows how thin the wire is. Anyway, with the family off for the night it seemed to be a good project. Armed with my magnifying glasses and my trusty samsung cell phone, I focused with keen eyes and found the bugger. I got my soldering iron out and a long, thin single run of copper wire, that I took from some cable I had laying around. It was a bit larger in diameter than the coil wire but there is no way I could find or work with a wire as thin as that.

With my soldering iron out and my camera focused on the cartridge, I began the repair. First, I soldered to the post. Then I wrapped the wire around a small plastic nub on the body, pressed it against the coil wire and solder it.

Would it work. Well, heck, yes it did. After testing it out I took out some epoxy and potted the wires to avoid a future problem. 

If it weren't for the keen eye of the camera this would have been an impossible task. Now, I can finish the mod and enjoy the dl 103.

this is without a doubt the most delicate thing I have ever done. Proud and amazed.

I did much the same thing with a Decca Mk.VII but without any magnification!
..congrats....just wondering if the performance matches one that didn't have the surgery
Next time you do something similar, have someone else record video and post it on youtube so you can teach us how.
I'm not sure I could juggle my Galaxy and a soldering iron. Ironically, both are rumored to be great sources of heat ;-) Cheers,
The repair has not altered the basic sound. However, as I indicated, this was a mod project, which stripped away the body and replacedo it with just a carbon fiber top plate. Also, everything has been potted, so, it is an improvement on the st9 know sound.

I hate typing on cell phones. That was suppose to say, "improvement on the overall sound".