Replacement headshell for Yamaha YP-D10

Hello All:

I need a headshell for my vintage Yamaha YP-D10 turntable. Any suggestions? I don't want to spend a fortune--under a hundred bucks and would consider a used one. I will be mounting an AT 440MLa on it.

is it the std bayonet type?

like [url=]this?[/url]
If it is standard SME mount then the ADC magnesium are often available at around $25 or 30 used. I use to sell them and they are quite good unless you need a lot of mass. I think I still have one somewhere.

I'm a satisfied YP-D8 owner. About a month ago I finally pulled the trigger on the "Zupreme" headshell from lpgear. It's an excellent unit, with upper and lower pins for solid connection to arm and the best azimuth hardware I've seen on a budget headshell. At $55 shipped, it feels like a bargain to me. I'm even debating getting another one for my mono cart, which is now mounted on one of 2 original Yamaha headshells.

Here's a link to the model --

lpgear zupreme